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                 Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony Accessories

Your wedding day will be the one of the most important days in your life. You want it to be special and
unique. You want your wedding accessories to be beautiful and a wonderful reminder of your big day.
Personalizing you accessories will make your wedding ceremony special.

The ring bearer pillow may not seem like a place to create an enduring symbol of your wedding. Actually,
personalizing it with the couple?s name and the date of the wedding in embroidery is a wonderful way to
commemorate your big day. It can be done in the colors of your wedding and with symbols that show your
love. Adding lace and ribbon can make it a showpiece for your wedding curio cabinet.

Similarly, the guest book can be personalized on the cover with the names of the couple and the wedding
date. This can be achieved by either embroidering a cover or having it embossed. You can also have the
couple's favorite Bible verse or poem printed on the inside cover. Another option is to have a picture of the
couple attached to the front cover or printed within the guest book. You could even have pictures of the bride
and groom on each page!

Like the ring bearer pillow, the flower girl?s basket doesn?t seem like a likely place to personalize. But
these tiny baskets can have a monogram of the couples? last name attached to it. It can also be embellished
with ribbons in the wedding colors and crystals glittering on the sides.

Champagne toasting glasses and the wedding cake serving pieces can also have your special touch added.
The toasting glasses and serving pieces can be engraved with the bride and grooms names or initials and the
date of their wedding. These are the most popular pieces to be personalized.

Unity candles can be uniquely made too. The main center candle can have the monogram of the last name
printed on it, with the first initial of the bride on a taper and of the groom on the other taper. Many couples
choose a Bible verse or poem to put on the center pillar. Another variation is the sand ceremony. The bride
and groom each have different colored sand and pour a little from their urn into the vase, alternating to
make a blended creation. This symbolizes the oneness of the marriage, as well as their individuality within
the marriage.

A new and innovative alternative to the unity candle is unity glass. This work of art is a beautiful reminder of
your special day. There are companies that employ glass artists that collaborate with you to create your one
of a kind art piece. After speaking with the artist, you will order your glass crystals in two colors of your
choosing. They will be shipped to you for your ceremony. During your unity ceremony, you will pour your
crystals into a container, alternating colors. You will then ship the container back to the artist where he or
she will create something that is unique to you and your new spouse. The artist will capture the essence of
your love that will be an enduring symbol of your marriage.

When remembering your wedding ceremony, you want unique accessories to remind you of those special
moments. Consider you and your future spouse?s tastes and select the ones that are right for you!

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