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									A Paper on the difficulty but necessity of
     raising conscious awareness

               Paul Budding

This is a psychology (and science) paper. It can be read from an individual
or collective psychology perspective because its message is relevant to both
the individual and the collective. It is also about liberating psychology.

It is psychologically important for the individual’s health to be able to go beyond
conformity and to know ‘why’ they think what they think. This sounds easy but it’s
not. People are born into a culture and the culture has a certain way of thinking
that is recognisably of that culture. These thoughts become habits and then (over
time) they are hardened into dogmatic assumptions. In this paper materialist
science is used as an example of unconscious conformity because it has become a
hardened dogma in the modern western world.


The pro-science (and anti scientism) thinker, Rupert Sheldrake writes that “It is not
anti-scientific to question established beliefs, but central to science itself. At the
creative heart of science is a spirit of open-minded enquiry. Ideally, science is a
process, not a position or a belief system. Innovative science happens when
scientists feel free to ask new questions and build new theories.” (Sheldrake, 2012a,
p25). But science is often not like that. Scientists are normal people, born into a
culture with a worldview. They conform to the scientific worldview. It is when
they automatically reject anything that doesn’t fit with their worldview that they are
being unconsciously fundamentalist. Psychologically it doesn’t matter whether the
conformity is conformity to a truth or falsehood. Even if the conformity was to a
truth it would be mere coincidence. (like supporting the right side in a war but only
because the right side is the nation you belong too). If the truth became false then
the conformist would not move from the original position. This is problematic
because it means that we are unconscious creatures of habit. Fortunately we have a
sense of this fact. So that inkling can be taken as an incentive to become more
conscious and more aware. However many go through their entire life ignoring

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