Crush _ Collision Injuries

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					     Crush & Collision Injuries
    That’s going to Leave a Scar
                              Mechanical Hazards
•   chains, gears, rollers, wheels or transmission belts
•   spiked or jagged edges
•   shearing, chopping and crushing machines
•   cutting tools (knives, box cutters)
•   falling objects
                         Mechanical Hazard Prevention
•   stay alert
•   remember that drugs (illegal an legal) can impair your ability to react
    normally and work safely
•   whenever possible use a push stick with circular saws or other power tools
•   know how to properly use all tools you work with
•   whenever possible, use long magnetic tools for retrieving items from
    machinery where hands could be injured
•   always use the machine guards. Do not remove or prevent a guard from
    working properly.
•   before repairing any machine, ensure the power is off, locked out and tagged

                      Hand and fingers can be crushed by:
•   any two surfaces that come together
•   pulleys
•   rollers
•   wheels
•   falling objects
•   drawers and doors
                       Fracture/Crush Hazard Prevention
•   keep hands clear of operating equipment
•   position hands carefully so fingers can’t get caught
•   feed spinning or feeding machines with a stick
•   always use machine safety guards
•   be alert – look for falling objects
•   never take short cuts
•   ensure bench-mounted machines are secured before starting
•   make sure gloves or other loose materials don’t get caught in machines
•   remove rings or other jewelry before operating machines

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