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					            World Imports 9000 89 Kingston Collection
I love the look of the light but one of the two fixtures had a weak solder joint at the base of the stem.
I was able to repair it but thought it was a really bad design. The cap only has an eighth of an inch
lip where the stem slides on and then is soldered.

It's always tough to tell how things will look until you get them. I just installed two of these WIL
9000-89 on 5 foot lamp posts on my dock by the lagoon. These fixtures are perfectly sized for my
application. Prominent, but not OVERSIZED. I put 75W bulbs in because I like to keep ambiant
lighting at night. The bulbs stay nicely recessed in the fixture so it is truly 'down-lighting', not a lot of
wash. Again, I have them on 4-5 foot posts. Construction-wise, they are good, not great. Not
heavy at all. Pretty thin (aluminum I believe), but a very nice finish. We'll see how they hold up with
the coastal elements. Anybody can install these. I have very basic electrical experience, and it
doesn't get anymore basic than this. This is a very easy lighting upgrade to do yourself. I think
these lamps are a bit overpriced. I would have been happy to pay $100. $150 is pretty steep, but I
found that light fixtures in general seem to be pretty expensive these days.


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