Yukon 6 100x100 Angled Spotting Scope Black Friday 2663313 by iovelios


									              Yukon 6 100x100 Angled Spotting Scope
I originally got the Yukon scope because of the price and power and figured why not. I have
purchased a 125x binocular once that was a total piece of junk and was skeptical that a scope of
100x power that costs less than $1,500 could be that great. I was in for a big surprise. I ordered the
unit without ever seeing it in person and when I open the box the way the scope looked was pretty
modern looking. It was different from any scope I have ever seen. The unit is much larger in person
than I thought but that is because it has a really big front main lens and a smaller front one. I took it
outside to view some things in my back yard and once I figured out the dial on the side changed
from a easy to manage 6-25 power scope to a very high magnification from 25-100 like they said on
the box. It was amazing. The lower setting allowed me to see thing so clearly and close up even if
they things I was seeing were close. I was looking at a neighbor's car down the street and I could
read the expiration date of state inspection sticker as clear as if I was 2 inches from it. I showed a
friend of mine the scope and he was pretty impressed too. His boss has some land where we used
it for watching deer going to the feeder so we don't have to scare them off. I tried it to look at the
moon last weekend when the moon was almost full it that was pretty cool. I have never used an
astronomical telescope before so I have nothing to compare it to but the moon filled the entire
viewing and was very clear and I have never seen it better in a photo in a magazine. Although it is
not small it did everything I needed and was not too heavy. I highly recommend this scope to
anybody especially if you want the real deal and not get ripped off by paying out the noise for a
lesser scope.

I recently bought this scope and used it for spotting wildfowl on the far side of the reservoir. It
focusses clearly, up to the maximum magnification enabling identification of distant birds on the
water, even in low light. The field of view is very good, too. Obviously the image loses some
luminosity at higher magnifications, but that is physics. I used it on a tripod, or just propped on a
parapet and that worked fine. Presumably the scopes costing around a thousand GBP have better
coating, but this one compares well with my recollection of looking through one of them. I quickly
got used to switching from the 6-25x to 25-100x modes. Very happy with it and would recommend.

I was at the range this weekend and using my buddy Dave's scope. This was really cool. When
shooting at a 400 yards i could see my shots crystal clear. I ordered one just now. I wish it came
with a full size tripod for my porch but nothing is perfect. This is a good scope though.

Having quality issues with two Konus scopes I ended up buying a Yukon 21031K (6-100x100mm)
from Acephotodigital. com which turned out to be a good decision: lighter, better clarity, rotatable
eyepiece, and even come with a small tripod. I use this Yukon scope for range shooting and have
no problem spotting 308 bullet holes at 300 yards (can probably do even better on ideal weather
conditions). The power range switch is actually quite helpful once you get use to it. A good sturdy
tripod will help you great deal since the one included in the package may be hard to stabilize in
strong wind. A nuisance is that the power ring becomes hard to turn in cold weather and I wish
there were places/holes accessible to put in a drop of lubricate oil. Really good image clarity
although eye relief is also a bit short so it can be less comfortable if you wear eye glasses. It would
be nice if the next improvement they can do is to fill it with nitrogen and seal it better for fog/water
proof. I really like the travel friendly features: light, zipped carrying bag and a small tripod. I can say
without hesitation for spotting scope around $300 this is a great choice. For the price I would be
willing to give 5 stars--the only reason for 4 stars is because the first scope they sent me was also
defective with a scratch on the interior side of lens therefore I had to ship it back. The replacement
they sent me works wonderfully--it does seem that QA issues are quite common across less
expensive scopes (see my review on Konuspot 20-60/100mm scope). So, if you get a good one on
the first try, go celebrate.

First good point: I am blown away at the scope for this price. as the other reviews said, the optics
are great. At this price I doubt you are going to find something better. It has a little knob you turn to
swap from the 6-25x to the 25-100x mode. this is easy to use. Second good point: this came with a
nylon carry bag (the bag could be padded. . . ) that lets you use and mount the scope on a tripod
without taking the scope out of the bag. also as someone else pointed out, it would be nice if the
tripod and scope bag were the same bag. first issue: the crappy tripod. I didn't expect this to be an
awesome tripod, but the part of the base that connects to the scope (lower half of the up/down
swivel) was bent so that the scope tilted slightly clockwise. this tilt makes the tripod worthless. I am
waiting to see if the manufacturer sends me the replacement tripod.


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