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									Start of 2014 Winter Skills Courses in Scotland

The winter is about to start. To be safe in the Scottish you may want to brush up on
winter skills, learn how to walk in the winter hills and avoid being caught up in an
avalanche. There are many outfits training outdoor enthusiasts to prepare for the winter
but only a few offer a comprehensive course every weekend from January till March.

Aviemore, Highlands, UK, October 29, 2013 -- Unexplored Scotland has announced the
start of the 2014 season for Winter Skills Courses on 4 January. This year the company
has the objective to run a course every weekend from January till early April. This will
allow as many people as possible to learn winter mountain craft for upcoming winters.

Participants will have the choice of 2 different courses. A 2 day course will get you a
sufficient winter walker in a group for the Scottish Highlands, while a 5 day
mountaineering course will make you a self-sufficient mountaineer.

The courses usually takes place in the Cairngorms near Aviemore, where participants get
and abundance of snow all winter. They are all designed to learn winter mountain craft,
walk on steep ground, and learn how to avoid avalanches and how to use ice axes and
crampons. Ice axed, crampons and helmets are provided for free to all participants.

For those who like to learn a little more a 5 day Mountaineering course is available every
winter week starting on Saturdays. Those taking part will learn the same skills plus some
rope work, micro navigation in winter and will spend a night in a snowhole.

Visit the Winter Skills Course Section of Unexplored Scotland to find out more.

Contact: Andreas Heinzl Unexplored Scotland Garve, Scotland 01463 216123

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