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									   A Brief Review On How Heritage Hotels in Jaisalmer Add More Excitement To Tour

Worldwide popular as "the Golden City of India", Jaisalmer is greatly attached to the sandcastle, a picturesque town. The city
is considered the symbol of an emblem of honor in an era of tumble and struggle. The located Fort here and the option of
camel safari are the main reasons and the factors that a number of tourists from across the word pay their visit to this
destination. The Jaisalmer forts plunged in major historical facts that also captivate travelers' attention.

People can see rest of the city in its crumbling beauty at the mythical heritage hotels and guesthouses. The handicrafts are
mainly the mirror of the artistic talent in local people. You can meet here the historical fabrics embroidered in the local
bazaars. Also, you can see the groups of locals who enjoy Hukka puffs together.

In addition, Heritage resorts in Jaisalmer are other good reasons to visit this historical town. Be it the place of Kings, the
town of Rajsthan still retains a little pieces of princely age in the form of its heritage edifices. Currently, these kingly edifices
have taken a new form - the luxury properties that offer shelter to the travelers, who get relieved form their physical
exhaustion. In fact, the heritage hotels in Jaisalmer are one of the best things to experience lost world of opulence and

You can find all kinds of hotels that are constructed to provide luxurious feelings to the tourists. Undoubtedly, the city is a
great place to see various hotels such as five-star hotels, four-star hotels, three-star hotels, heritage hotels, budget hotels,
heritage resorts and luxury tents. They provide world-class facility, staying in which is what you would have ever wish for.

Because Jaisalmer has been in existence since the time immemorial, the Heritage hotels here are the sign of royal zodiac.
They either belong to the the royal family itself or the ministers in the royal court, which have been revamped and converted
into hotels. Most of the hotels in this town have been maintained to provide a medieval look from outside, whereas the
interiors are revamped to keep pace with modern times. There are popular heritage hotels in Jaisalmer. Some of them are -
Himmatgarh Palace, Gorbandh Palace Hotel, Jawahar Niwas Palace, Doeki Niwas Palace, WelcomHeritage Mandir Palace,
Narayan Niwas Palace, Garh Jaisal, Killa Bhawan, Thar Vilas, Mirvanana and Hotel Jaisal Castle etc.

Apart from the hotels, the Golden City is also known for its camel rides in the Thar Desert of India. Lots of visiting places are
there to welcome millions of tourists coming from all over the world. Don't fail to visit the historical monuments namely,
Nathmalji ki haveli, Salam Singh ji ki haveli, Jaisalmer Fort, Museums, Gadsisar Lake and much more. They entertain and
attract people. A stay in a heritage hotels in Jaisalmer will add excitement to your tour in visiting these magnificent

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