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									ZirMed Rated Best in KLAS!
       “ZirMed continues to deliver an excellent-quality product coupled with
                            outstanding service levels.”

                                                                           Mark Wagner, Report Author

In KLAS’ 2011 industry report “Ambulatory Clearinghouse:                                                       Direct Clearinghouse Vendor Performance
Dollars, Sense & 5010 Readiness”, ZirMed® a leading                                                                                                      ZirMed            Rank
provider of web-based revenue cycle management                                                            General
solutions for healthcare providers was rated #1, receiving                                                   Real Problem Resolution                        8.5         Tied for 1st
the highest score ever in the report’s history.                                                              Overall Communication                          8.5              1st
                                                                                                             Recommend to Peer/Friend                       8.8              1st
                                                                                                             Overall Satisfaction                           8.7              1st
For the second year in a row, 100% of ZirMed
                                                                                                             Would You Buy Again                           100%              1st
clients stated that they would repurchase ZirMed
                                                                                                             Ranked Client’s Best Vendor                    74%              1st
Once again, ZirMed received the highest or tied for the
                                                                                                          Service and Support
highest score in 10 of 15 measured categories, including                                                     Service Delivery Met Timelines                 8.6         Tied for 1st
most notably:                                                                                                Quality of Service Staff                       8.7              1st
                                                                                                             Executive Involvement                          7.9
                        Overall satisfaction                                                                 Lives Up to Expectations                       8.5              1st
                        Quality of service staff                                                             Keeps Promises                                100%         Tied for 1st
                        Living up to expectations                                                         Sales and Contracting
                                                                                                             Contracting Experience                         8.0
ZirMed’s web-based solutions streamline and improve                                                          Services Delivered as Sold                     8.5
major aspects of the revenue cycle, helping clients collect                                                  Money’s Worth                                  8.5
more revenue, more quickly, and with less work.                                                              Avoids Nickel-and Diming                      97%
                                                                                                          Note: The highest score for each indicator is highlighted in green; the lowest
ZirMed Solutions                                                                                          in red. Source: KLAS’ 2011 Report: “Ambulatory Clearinghouse: Dollars, Sense
                                                                                                          & 5010 Readiness” Figure 151
Front Office Suite
ZirMed enables clients to check patient eligibility and                                                portal or integrated into an existing web presence. All patient
collect co-pays and other patient payments. The solutions                                              payment information is managed in the same system as payer
includes multiple payment options including credit and                                                 reimbursements, further streamlining workflow and reducing
debit card, ACH checks and cash.                                                                       costs.

Claims Management Suite                                                                                Analytics Suite
ZirMed helps clients manage the entire claims and                                                      ZirMed helps providers be more efficient in their workflows
reimbursement cycle with real-time claim submission,                                                   with a robust Analytics solution, and streamlined support for
an extensive edits system, claims tracking and rejection                                               the federal PQRS incentive program.
analysis, advanced coding tools, and electronic
remittances.                                                                                           ZirMed University
                                                                                                       ZirMed University offers more than 148 hours of online billing
Patient Payment Suite                                                                                  and coding training for CEU credits as well as ZirMed application
ZirMed empowers clients to collect more patient-
based payments from deductibles, co-pays and co-
insurance through online and paper statements and
                                                                                                       For more information about ZirMed please visit us at
multiple payment processing options. The online bill
                                                                                                       www.ZirMed.com, call us at 877.494.1032 or email us at
pay solution can delivered as a stand alone payment
* “Ambulatory Clearinghouse 2011: Dollars, Sense & 5010 Readiness.”
* ZirMed was Best in KLAS for Claims and Clearinghouse Services in the “2011 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” report.

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