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					                              Ruah Inreach Mental Health

Dear Applicant

Thank you for your interest in the position of Community Mental Health
Worker with Ruah Inreach Armadale. The following information will assist you
in submitting your application.

Ruah Inreach is a mental health service of Ruah Community Services (see web site
Program and Position Information
This position is suitable for both experienced and advanced practitioners as well
as recent graduates.

Community Mental Health Workers support people to meet their psychosocial
and mental health goals, improve their quality of life, and enhance their recovery
journey by providing tailor-made interventions relevant to client determined goals.

The core work is based on a relationship developed through regular one-to-one
contact with an individual, and their family where relevant. Service delivery is not
office based and the work occurs in the individual/family’s own home
environment, community setting or location of choice.

This is a part time position of 30.4 hours per week, between 8am to 6pm based at
the Maddington office. The days can be negotiated with the Team Manager. Use
of a vehicle is essential and a company vehicle is available for the work with
private use built into the remuneration package.

Ruah’s Salary and Conditions Exceed those of the SCHCDSI Award
Salary range is $43,821 to $55,821 plus statutory superannuation. Additional
benefit is available through salary packaging a tax free component. A further tax
free entertainment packaging component is also available. Additional benefits
    Five weeks annual leave;
    Birthday leave day; paid day off on ones birthday;
    13 weeks long service leave after 7 years of continuous service;
    Flexible and family-friendly work hours are provided through Time Off in
     Lieu, Carers, Special and Bereavement Leave;
    The option to ‘purchase’ up to an additional 3 weeks of annual leave.

Ruah is a values-lead organisation and an innovative, quality service provider. We
offer generous professional development opportunities, provide strong
supervision support and value cultural diversity in our staff group.

The job description form (JDF) with selection criteria is attached.
Your application
Your application will have three components:
1. You will need to provide a written response of no more than 3 x A4 pages
    in total (in Arial 12 font) to the following statements/questions:

     Tell that part of the story of your employment history that is relevant to
     this position. Include a summary of the types of service(s) you
     provided, the skills you demonstrated, and your personal development
     in the workplace over this history.

     Describe where you have demonstrated your ability to engage with
     clients with complex needs and the elements of the relationship you
     subsequently built with them.

     What has been your experience in working with Aboriginal and
     culturally diverse people? What principles have you learnt to
     incorporate in your approach to this work and show how you
     demonstrated this?

     In the accompanying JDF list of responsibilities you are required to
     “uphold the vision, mission, core values and inclusive spirituality
     approach of Ruah Community Services”, outlined in the accompanying
     documents. What do you bring to this role?

2.   A copy of your Curriculum Vitae/Resume, which should detail the extent of
     work experience (F/T or hours of P/T), education and training.

3.   The names of two professional referees who have recent knowledge of your
     relevant work skills, abilities and attributes.

A recent Federal Police Record Certificate, a Working with Children Check,
Rights to work in Australia documentation and a copy of a current Motor
Vehicle Driver’s Licence must be provided prior to commencing work.
If you have enquiries regarding the position please do not hesitate to contact
Simone Hosgood, Senior Mental Health Program Manager
9485 3939

Post or email applications to:

Simone Hosgood
Senior Mental Health Program Manager
Ruah Inreach
GPO Box 2828
West Perth WA 6872

Closing date: 25 January 2012
                             RUAH COMMUNITY SERVICES
                                 JOB DESCRIPTION

            Ruah Inreach Community
Title                                            Award Status        SCHCDSI
            Mental Health Worker

Agency      Ruah Inreach                         Classification     Level 4/6

Date        2012

Reporting Relationship

This position reports to                  Ruah Inreach Team Manager / Team Senior

This position is                          Ruah Inreach Community Mental Health Worker

Other positions reporting to this         Nil

Job Purpose

As a professional mental health team member you will provide advanced psychosocial and
recovery support interventions to assist people with mental illness essentially improve their
quality of life. The work practice covers many life domains including health and social well
being with the aim to maximise self management, independence and participation in the

This document is an accurate statement of the duties and responsibilities of this position.


Title:             Chief Executive

Title        Community Mental Health Worker         Date                2012
Agency       Ruah Inreach                           Classification      Level 4/6


1 Principles of Ruah Community Services
 Uphold the vision, mission, core values, inclusive spirituality approach and strategic
   frameworks of Ruah Community Services
 Follow the policies and procedures of Ruah Community Services Operational Manual.
 Support Ruah’s commitment to working responsively and in partnership with indigenous
   families and communities.

2 Direct Service Work
 Build and maintain a professional relationship with clients and significant others and
   family members where possible for the purpose of the work
 Provide psychosocial support interventions based on sound clinical and mental health
   practice knowledge with a recovery orientated approach.
 Employ the principles and service strategies of the Ruah Inreach mobile psychosocial
   model with its disability, clinical, rehabilitation and recovery support intervention
 Undertake initial and ongoing assessment of clients’ needs and circumstances
 Develop recovery support plans in partnership with clients and ensure the plan is
   regularly reviewed with the individual.
 Maintain a mindfulness of individuals physical health needs and supporting them to
   develop health related behaviours.
 Follow the policies and procedures of the Ruah Inreach Local Service Policy and
   Procedure Manual.
 Provide educative information to clients, their family members and carers.
 Provide family inclusive support interventions or possible mediation in a family setting.
 Advocate on behalf of clients and liaise regularly with other service providers.
 Provide case management and care coordination functions when required.
 Facilitate client group activities.
 Commit to an ongoing professional development of the range of practice competencies
   associated with delivery of the Inreach Psychosocial and Recovery Model.

3 Supervision and Administration
 Prepare for and actively participate in regular supervision sessions and professional
   development and training.
 Collect client data in keeping with professional and organisational standards.
 Maintain integrity of information on the carelink+ client data management system.
 Provide timesheets, travel log book, worker expenses and other administration data
   according to organisational policy and procedures.
 Work within budget parameters for worker expenses, petty cash and mobiles phones.
 Undertake other administrative and office management tasks as required.
 Supervise students on placement when appropriate.
Title         Community Mental Health Worker            Date                2012
Agency        Ruah Inreach                              Classification      Level 4/6

   Practice self-care strategies and apply safety procedures in all work practices.

4 Teamwork and Program Development
 Maintain team boundaries and confidentiality in a professional manner.
 Interact collaboratively within the team and actively participate in team meetings and
   working groups
 Share expertise and experience with other team members.
 Contribute to and participate actively in program reviews and developmental processes as
   opportunities present;
 Hold team portfolios if and when negotiated and delegated.

5 Agency Representation and Community Development
 Represent the program in a professional manner.
 Acquire a working knowledge of other agency roles and mandates.
 Contribute to community development activities in the local area, relevant to the client

(To be addressed in the written application)
   Tertiary degree in Social Work, Occupational Therapy or Psychology is highly desirable.
    Other human service degrees will be considered if applicant can demonstrate strengths in the
    criteria listed below.

   Ability to engage with clients with complex needs, then build and maintain a professional
    relationship within a psychosocial and recovery model.

   The level of practitioner skills and the level of relationship skills commensurate with a
    community-based professional service recovery oriented approach.

   Knowledge of issues facing people who have a mental illness, and contemporary
    psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery principles and strategies.

   Knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal culture and the ability to work with Aboriginal
    and culturally diverse people.

   Knowledge of family systems and the ability to work in a family inclusive approach.

   Willingness and ability to work within and contribute to the vision, mission, core values and
    inclusive spiritualty approach of the organisation.
Title          Community Mental Health Worker        Date               2012
Agency         Ruah Inreach                          Classification     Level 4/6

(Will be considered during the selection process)
1 Skills          Ability to deliver a person centred professional quality service using
                  contemporary service intervention frameworks
                  Ability to maintain appropriate professional boundaries.
                  Highly developed ability to communicate, liaise and advocate effectively
                  with clinicians and other health professionals.
                  Case management and care coordination skills
                  Professional written and verbal communication skills.
                  Organisational and time management skills.
                  Ability to work autonomously and contribute positively as a team member.
                  Group work skills

2 Knowledge        Advanced knowledge of service delivery processes and professional
                   behaviour standards.
                   Knowledge of community development processes and advanced
                   community linking and advocacy skills.
                   Knowledge of street substances and impact of problematic use on people’s
                   Knowledge and understanding of co morbid issues facing people and the
                   ability to work with multi presentations

3 Attributes       Capacity for resilience, robustness and independence with challenging
                   client work.
                   Engagement in critical reflection on work practises and professional
                   Orientation towards grass roots, hands-on community support work.

   Current motor vehicle driver’s licence
   Obtaining a National Police Certificate
   Obtaining a WA Working with Children Check (delete where not applicable).
   Evidence of the “Right to Work” in Australia

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are strongly encouraged to apply for all
vacancies in Ruah Community Services.
                           Ruah Community Services
    Vision, Mission, Values, Inclusive Spirituality
        Approach and Strategic Frameworks
Ruah Community Services has always operated with a spiritual foundation with a
strong sense of mission. This foundation has been shaped by the Catholic Christian
paradigm of the Daughters of Charity, a world-wide Congregation of Women in
this religious tradition.

The People of Ruah today: members, directors, staff and volunteers shape the
mission direction, values and spiritual culture of the organisation. By bringing our
own commitment to service, talents and sense of spirituality, we build on the
traditions and endeavours made by our founders, The Daughters of Charity.

The adoption of Ruah Community Services as the operating and public name for
the organisation, as distinct from its registered corporate title Daughters of Charity
Services (WA), reflects the organisation’s link to its spiritual heritage, as well as
pointing to its inclusive approach to spirituality today. The origins of the word
‘ruah’ lie in the Hebrew scriptures where it is used in a spiritual context to express
‘wind’, ‘breath’, ‘Spirit of life’.

For Ruah, Inclusive Spirituality means acknowledging the innate spirit of each
person and recognising that there are diverse paths to engaging and nurturing

Ruah seeks to uphold the core values of respect, grassroots, integrity, partnership,
and creativity in all its interactions.

   Respect            A high regard for the dignity and worth of each person
                      which underscores all interactions.
   Grassroots         A collaborative, community based, hands-on approach
                      alongside clients.
   Integrity          Honest, ethical and accountable.
   Partnership        Work relationships, both internal and external, are built
                      with a partnership approach.
   Creativity         Innovation, inventiveness and diversity.

The organisation’s name, ‘Ruah’, its articulated vision, mission, core values,
inclusive spirituality approach and strategic frameworks, together provide reference
markers for workforce action and create a shared organisational direction, meaning
and collective ‘spirit in action.’
                        VISION           MISSION
                  A socially just,       To redress
       compassionate, sustainable        disadvantage
                and participative        and enhance the
                     community           human spirit

                                 MISSION                     INCLUSIVE
    CORE                        PEOPLE                       Acknowledging
 VALUES                     DISADVANTAGED                     Catholic heritage

    Respect                                                   Innate spirit of

Grassroots                                                      each person
   Integrity    CORE                          INCLUSIVE       Different paths
                VALUES                     SPIRITUALITY
Partnership                                                     to nurturing
  Creativity                                                    spirituality

Extracts from Ruah Community Services Internal Organisational ‘Living Document

As a consumer of the earth’s natural resources,
Ruah is committed to environmental
sustainability. Ruah recognises that in providing
services to those who live in disadvantage, the
organisation’s environmental footprint impacts
more heavily upon the earth with each passing
year. It is a simple yet significant progression for
Ruah to start to proactively address its operational impact upon the environment, with
the issue of sustainability a contemporary challenge facing all organisations and
individuals regardless of sector area or core business.

                               The aim of this Strategic Framework is to
                               improve quality of life outcomes for those
                               Indigenous people who access Ruah’s services;
                               increase Indigenous accessibility to these services;
                               and contribute to social justice and policy and
                               program development for, and in partnership
                               with, Indigenous Australians.
The Framework is revolves around three objectives:
    Providing a culturally competent workforce
    Providing culturally secure services and programs
    Developing an organisational culture that is committed to the Framework.

Ruah holds a vision of a community that is socially just, compassionate, participative and
sustainable. By participative, Ruah holds this to be a community where there is an ethical
and democratic right to participation where the voice of all is valued and engaged, and
where each individual has an opportunity to influence decisions that affect the quality of
their life, both locally and globally. The organisation acknowledges that many groups of
people faced with disadvantage find themselves marginalised from mainstream
opportunities and without a voice. Ruah seeks to redress this on an organisational service
level through the implementation of a Consumer Participation Framework.

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