Wanderfreund Speedlock Trekking Pole Black Survey 101334 by eregedat


									  Wanderfreund Speedlock Trekking Pole Black Survey
I returned the Micro Leki cane b/c it was too short for my 5'10" height. I re-ordered and received an
obviously returned/defective Wanderfreund Speedlock Pole. It came in the box that it is stored in
rather than inside another box as with the Micro I had returned. This one came without the usual
Leki instruction booklet and the knurled adjustment couldn't be tightened by hand. The adjustable
red clamps have to be repositioned perfectly if you should collapse it as the cane tapers and the
clamp slips. I needed to use a screwdriver although a coin might have worked. I couldn't see
myself having to retighten it every time I collapsed it, so I returned it and ordered the non- anti shock
Leki cane. The red clamps are also bulky looking. I hope I won't be "punished" again by being sent
a returned/defective cane for the Leki I ordered as a replacement. I went years without ever
returning an Amazon product and have had a spate of returns lately. I appreciate their policy on
returns and hope my luck returns as Amazon is my primary retail store! Update: I bought the
non-shock absorber Leki and it is fine. However, it is noticeably heavier (though still light) and
thicker. The premier anti- shock Leki is worth the extra money.

I needed a second cane to keep in the car. Being 6 feet tall, most over the counter canes don't
extend far enough for comfortable and safe use. This one is lighter, stronger, and longer than any
OTC cane I've seen. Plus it adapts to ensure safer use in wintry conditions. Five stars!

We went hiking in Zion and ound this stick very helpful on some of the rough terrain, especially the
comfortable grip and its adjutability.

I use mine for balance, but it is sturdy enough to take some waight if you really lean on your stick. It
is small when collapsed. It collapses easily. The hadle is textured and much wider so it is not so
hard on your hand. The locking mechanism for the sections is an ugly adjustable clamp. But I think
it will carry a lot more weight. It also costs about 3 times as much as one of the less expensive
twist-lock walking sticks. Buy some extra rubber tips. There are several that are cheaper than the
leki branded ones. I also repair mine with shoe-goo.

Used my new cane on my Disneyland trip and it was very helpful when standing in the long lines
and easy to shorten to fit on the rides.


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