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					        Photo Carbon Speedlock Trekking Pole Survey
This is a great trekking pole, light and strong. It's one of the few that allows me to use a palm grip,
though I would prefer the size to be larger for a more comfortable grasp. The camera screw-lock is
a nice gimmick and beautifully hidden under the cap. I've only used it twice so far. But works well
as advertised.

I bought this for my husband for Xmas 2011 and finally he was able to put it to use in Nepal in
October 2012. Last year he found it hard to steady his camera, particularly while still breathing
heavily following a steep ascent. This trekking pole functioned well as a mono pod, allowing him to
steady the camera even with the zoom lens attached. Attaching / detaching the camera was quick
and simple. As a trekking pole it was great, easily adjusted to a comfortable height and no slipping
unlike his other Leki pole which uses a twisting action to lock each section in place.

This pole, made in the Czech Republic as someone else noted, appears nicely finished however
unless extended about six inches the lower section will simply not lock at all and will slide freely
even after the lever is fully snapped in. The remaining two movable sections do seem to tighten
satisfactorily. The pole comes with a rubber walking tip which, when pulled off, reveals the carbide
flex tip. Leki's website says this pole comes with the performance basket but that was not included
from this reseller. The two reasons I see to get this more expensive single pole is the 5'7" full
extension length and the "hidden" monoppd screw in the Aergon Photo Grip. When the
concealing grip cap of thick plastic is unlocked rotated and removed the 1/4-20 stud and red knurled
locking nut are revealed. Attaching a small camera is easy. I am not sure that I would attach a
heavy DSLR and lens combination unless a camera strap was around my neck" these are after
all plastic pieces securing the metal 1/4" -20 screw. The Aergon grip cap top is easily
pocketable when removed, and overall it's mostly a good grip implementation, but as another
reviewer mentioned it could be more confortable when used cane-style if it were a bit larger. When
used as a standard trekking grip with the supplied velcro strap it feels very secure and comfortable.
In that the lower section doesn't tighten securely and this pole is meant to take some weight walking
or trekking I am unwilling to rate it higher than a three. As a compromise use pole for use as a
monopod and for trekking/walking , I think the pole does very well filling its multiple functions.

It has everything. Functional, light, the adjustment clips are superior to anything out there. The top
releases quickly so that you can put your camera on the tip. It will hold almost anything. It gives
you one additional plane of stability to reduce camera shake. I use it for outdoor macro photography
and on long hikes where a tripod is too cumbersome.

Very functional, versatile, lite and user friendly. Wish there was some means of securing the top
cap when it's off when a camera is mounted, which is alot of the time.


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