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Annual International Notebook Drive
You got ‘em; we want ‘em. Every summer, we hold an international notebook drive. We gather notebooks from every corner of Earth. No educational institution or non-profit organization goes untapped. Our goal is to gather every used notebook in the world, every year. Any condition will do. Each spring, we supply donation boxes for free to schools and non-profits. Then, during the summer collection, we pay every school or non-profit organization per pound for their notebooks. After we collect the notebooks, we meticulously date them and settle them into one of our temperature and humidity controlled warehouses. Next, we let the notebooks age for 5 years. When the notebooks reach maturity, our warehouse editors, carefully review each notebook and gently remove personal information for privacy and safety purposes. Each notebook is then rated, classified, and cataloged. At this point, we either donate all near-new notebooks to the Educational Extravaganza program for redistribution, or we sort the notebooks into single-item, bulk collections, grab bags, or thematic sets for resale. Then, the notebooks wait and conceal their thoughtprovoking mysteries until they are discovered by you.

Notebooks for Nerds
Once a year, science and math communities gather in Switzerland to review our most astounding science and math notebooks of the year. Participants are encouraged to focus on world advancements in science and mathematics. Exhibits, educational roundtables, and idea exchange sessions fill three days and culminate in a fourth day of intense scientific knowledge and mathematical prowess competitions. Each competition participant can use up to three (3) notebooks during the competition. They can use their own notebooks or notebooks discovered during the event. The one catch is that the notebooks used by the competitors must be donated to the Educational Extravaganza auction as a fundraiser event. In the past 8 years, the competitors’ notebooks have earned in excess of $134 billion at auctions, and every penny of those earnings have been distributed to educational and research programs throughout the world.

Educational Extravaganza
January, March, August, November
Our Educational Extravaganza works in collaboration with pencil and pen suppliers. Educational Extravaganza aims to provide adequate school supplies to every child at all times. Educational Extravaganza holds various fundraisers and programs throughout the year. Supplies are delivered to schools and children every January and August. One of the major fundraiser events that has garnered international attention is the Annual Notebook Auction, which features winning notebooks from the Notebooks for Nerds competition. The auction also features many other breathe-taking notebooks from historical and public figures. You can download or order an auction guide for each auction 30 days prior to the auction date. Silent bids are accepted prior to the auction date.

Charity Counter
We’ve helped over 24 million students this year!

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