Remo Medium Nuskyn Conga 11 75 Inch Survey 18410 by maseriase


									       Remo Medium Nuskyn Conga 11 75 Inch Survey
Real nice quality product with great tone and nice feel! I would reccomend this head to anyone
considering buying one.

This is a similar review for the 11" Quinto head but it applies here too: I originally purchased the
Remo Skyndeep Conga head for my Quinto but I did not like the high pitched overtones. Even
though it was my first foray into synthetic heads, I decided to give this one a shot. I'm glad I did!
Firstly, It was snug getting it onto the rim of my Comfort Curve II LP Classic, so before buying I
highly recommend checking on Remo's website to confirm that the head will fit with your drum. The
tuning was easy and quick, the heads seem to naturally rest right in tune without any drop in tuning!
Which is amazing! Onto the most important part, the sound. . I love the sound of these heads!!! Its
warm, full bodied, projects well and has a very very close sound to natural heads. Furthermore,
they feel soft on your hands, not rough like the cow hide skins I had on previously. This means, you
can play longer and more comfortably!

Its not an easy task triyng to choose the right head without having the right information but this one
Remo could not find an answer for me,Toca Elite Pro Series congas (fiberglass) do not match up. I
have gotten in contact with Remo and they were just as puzzled. . .

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