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									                Remo Lynn Kleiner Baby Drum Survey
I found this product after searching for 'baby drum' on Amazon. Upon arrival the drum looked well
made and our little 5. 5 month old immediately like it. Like all teething babies, he wanted to put his
mouth on it. The drum did not look like a toy so I called the company Remo to ask about product
safety. The customer service representative was very nice but gave me bad news. She said that
she would never let her children put this drum near their mouths. In the manufacturing process
many chemicals are used. She said the drum is made from recycled paper or something like that.
Bummer! My question is why does the company advertise the product for 0-2yrs without a disclaimer
that it's not safe for mouthing? Again, nice looking product but not for infants.

After noticing my son's tendency to ignore fancier, flashier toys in favor of just whacking on things, I
thought a drum would be just the thing to keep him entertained. This is the real deal; a real wooden
frame with a real leather skin stretched across it, that produces real drum sounds! Unlike the glut of
cheap plastic toys that require batteries to make noise, this is a simple, straight forward drum that
my son absolutely loves. It's quite a bit smaller than you'd think based on the picture, but that's a
minor complaint at best. I can't recommend this strongly enough, both as a great toy and a child's
first musical instrument.

This drum was much smaller than I expected, but the handle works well and my son very much
enjoys using it both with the mallet and without. Nice gift - so much better then the plastic drums
that play music!

After taking my then 6-month old son to a 'Music Together' children's music class, I was inspired to
purchase a few percussion instruments so that he could play along at home to our CDs. This is a
professional-quality drum with a good sound, and not one of the el cheapo "toys" that you can pick
up at a big box retailer. We've had it now for 3 months, and it has proven to be quite durable, and
has stood up to repeated tossings from the high chair onto the floor, being crawled on top of, thrown
around, etc. The only negative is that my son seemed to be rather enamored with chewing the
rubberized surface on the end of the mallet. I was afraid that it might not be the healthiest thing for
him to have, and removed it from his access. Unless you have an infant like myself, this would
probably not be an issue. I have already recommended this drum to another new mom, and her son
is also having a blast with it. This is a great quality product, and well worth the price.

This drum is made by Remo, industry leader in drums, out of fiberskyn, a synthetic skin. It's a mini
version of the gathering drums one encounters at Music Together. It's small, 5 inches in diameter,
and very light, so that a baby can easily hold it up when grasping the little handle. It's also
two-sided, so it can be banged which ever side happens to be up. It makes a nice sound & my baby
has been enjoying it since he was 6 months old. The mallet pictured is not the one you
get--actually, it's a nicer one, with a durable hard foam bobble on both ends. Over a month of the
baby chewing on the mallet, and being stolen by the puppy once, and it's still in excellent shape.
The drum also sounds nice when thumping with bare hands. It's made in USA, for those parents
who, like me, don't cherish the idea of "Made in China" ending in a baby's mouth. You really can't
go wrong with this one!


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