Remo Diplomat Snare 14 Inch Diameter Survey 16374 by maseriase


									        Remo Diplomat Snare 14 Inch Diameter Survey
As someone who's always used Remo drumheads, I couldn't us any other skin. I've always used
Remo Ambassadors for the resonant(bottom) side of my snare drum, but fairly recently switched to
a Diplomat, and am very happy with the sound. I'm using a Diplomat on the snare-side of my 6.
5x14" Ludwig Supraphonic, and it sounds amazing. The Diplomat has a more open sound because
it's a thinner than the Ambassador, and it really packs a punch. I think Ambassadors are fine
drumheads, but have definately come to prefer the Diplomat. Cheers

I've had this drum head on the bottom side of my snare drum for almost a year now. . I've tuned it
low I've tuned it high and every thing in between and it sounds good all around. Great head, very

These are very nice snare side heads. They is a typical Remo head which is to say I found nothing
at all wrong with it and it sounds great.

Can't beat Remo heads. Been using Remo for years and noting beats them for price and durability.


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