Regaltip Dt1 Regal Drum Torque Survey 17623 by maseriase


									               Regaltip Dt1 Regal Drum Torque Survey
I use this for my banjo. It gets all the hooks evenly tightened making the banjo sound alot better.
Trying to tap tune a banjo head is an exercise in futility. I know there are some people who swear
by it but I gave up and could never figure it out. This makes it very easy to get a great sounded

I really like this torque wrench. It makes the process alot quicker. Be sure to press in the center of
the drum head after each adjustment to help seat them properly and even out the tension. This
helps keep the head centered as you tune. Make small adjustments to keep hoop tension more

this is the 3rd one I have owned they are wonderful It makes tuning your drums so easy thank you

I LOVE this product. I find the time saving and ease in which to tune my drums to the maximum
ability to allow the sound to resonate perfectly thru the shells just BRILLIANT. I would give it six
stars if i could

I am very pleased with product. Exactly as described and postage very reasnonable. the postage
was faster than i thought it be.


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