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Regaltip 530r Regal Brushes Blastick Survey 16268


									          Regaltip 530r Regal Brushes Blastick Survey
I purchased these as an alternative to Promark Cool Rods (ASIN B0002CZWWW). I love the Cool
Rods, but wanted something a bit more 'swishy' for some acoustic pieces. This stick gave me the
sound I was looking for. I also find myself using these for late night practice because they have a
fairly flat sound that does not project. The feel is natural, and although these sticks are around 5A
size in diameter (I use 7A for playing), they are lightweight and fast. You can get a little rebound off
your drums (not enough to do double stroke rolls), but practically zero rebound off cymbals. For
playing this is a slight annoyance, but it greatly aids your practice sessions because it makes you
work. My pair has developed a slight warp on the stick I normally use for my left hand. I play
traditional grip and do a lot of left hand practice exercises. This does not detract from the quality of
this stick since I have used it for hundreds of hours. Indeed, considering the amount of use this pair
has and the way I put it through its paces during practice, this stick will last years of normal, light
playing. The real reason to get this stick is the subtle shade of sound it can produce. It fits nicely
between traditional brushes and rods, such as the Promark Cool Rods I also use.

I am already an owner of a pair of these "brushes" for the last 6 years now. I bought four
more pair just to have two back-ups and two to give to friends that play. What a great idea. They're
great for live performance as well as quiet rehearsals.

Great brushes. I had them for one month and they seem sturdy enough. Something between
standard wire brushes and sticks. They sound wonderful on the rider cymbal and they are
adjustable, so you can get a variety of sounds. I use them "full open". If you need a soft touch
these are it.

The "brushes" are a little thicker than I wanted, but they are of better quality than most.
They sound pretty good, but a bit flat on the cymbals.


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