Gibraltar 5607 Medium Double Braced Survey 22292 by nasadersi


									          Gibraltar 5607 Medium Double Braced Survey
I've had the hi hat stand about 2 weeks, and it does the job. I guess I have a tough time
distinguishing medium and lightweight. Maybe I'm completely off base and medium in the name of
this product means something other than medium weight, because it feels lightweight to me. I do
have to say I bought the stand because it is lighter than the stand I was using and I cart my own
gear from gig to gig, so it serves that purpose. The stand does work well, feels good, and the swivel
pedal is a nice feature. The spring adjustments not really that much of an issue, considering the
price, but the clutch is not good, then again I've seen similar clutches on some higher end Pearl hi
hat stands so possibly just a matter of personal opinion. With that said theres room for keyholing
your hi hat cymbals because there is no polished area on the clutch, all thread. . Thats a negative
for me. I have a Gibraltar throne that I purchased years ago, that could withstand a bomb, luv it !!!I
expected just a little more strength, and a little less wobble from Gibraltar.

if you need something simple and good, strong quality. Buy this one! very easy to operate and to
enjoy it

I bought this Hi Hat Stand for my 15 year old grandson and he says it works great along with the
Meinl Hi Hats.

I love this stand. It's solidly built with great pedal feel and action and it's just amazing how solid it is
compared to previous stands I've used. I use a drop clutch with it, which adds weight to the top, but
there's no loss in pedal feel or cymbal clash. Just a great buy for a beginning or midlevel drummer.
The price is unbelievable. I'll probably order another one soon for my travel set. Great stand.

A nice solid hat for the price. I have a heavy DW I love, but it is too heavy for small gigs, this one is
light and solid and well priced. Compact size too, easy to pull apart to pack and set it right back up


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