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									The Key to Getting Tickets in Music City? Craigslist Nashville! Nashville has such a large, diverse and predominant music scene that it has earned the nickname "Music City." Country and jazz music are just two of the genres with deep roots in the Nashville area. These roots live on today and are very much a part of not only the Nashville music scene, but part of the national musical culture in America. A scene this massive can become overwhelming, especially when searching for tickets to some of the great shows that stop through Nashville. It is possible to navigate the musical calendar, however, especially when using Craigslist to your advantage. Founded in 1995 in the San Francisco Bey Area, Craigslist is network of sites designed to connect people from various communities. By 2006, Craigslist had expanded beyond Northern California to over 450 U.S. states, Canadian provinces and global cities. The network has grown to become one of the largest web sites on the Internet, while employing no more then 24 employees throughout its history. Users can post on Craigslist in any of a number of forums, depending on the goal-- perhaps promoting a garage sale, advertising an apartment for subletting, or looking to hire new personnel. All forums are organized within multiple categories and subsections for easy browsing and navigation. Craigslist Nashville ( is no different. It has the same forum categories as other sites on the Craigslist network, including the vast "for sale" section. This section is further divided into several smaller subsections, like auto parts, electronics, and musical instruments. In Nashville, one of the more useful subsections is the "tickets" forum, which contains listings for various event, concert, and sports tickets. A quick browse of the tickets forum on Craigslist Nashville reveals tickets available for multiple concerts, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Legend, Tim McGraw and Justin Timberlake. There are seats available at all price ranges and seating locations. Even if you missed out at the box office, you still have an opportunity to get into one of these great shows. Plus, tickets to see the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League are also available from CL users. Use Craigslist to get in to see 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year Vince Young! The best part of this system is that it allows people to see shows that otherwise might have been inaccessible because they are sold out. By allowing ticket holders to advertise their sales and having interested parties to contact them directly, transactions are simple and quick. After all, concerts are about having fun, not just in Nashville, but everywhere. Craigslist Nashville allows you to enjoy the show without a lot of hassle about tickets.

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