World Bank Whistleblower Makes Startling Confession – Karen Hudes _video_ by VegasStreetProphet


									World Bank Whistleblower Makes Startling Confession – Karen Hudes (video) | Alternative

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                                                                                                                                                                                       SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2013 1:46
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           World Bank Whistleblower Makes Startling
           Confession – Karen Hudes (video)
            Sunday, October 27, 2013 4:34


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World Bank Whistleblower Makes Startling Confession – Karen Hudes (video) | Alternative

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             Karen Hudes exposes The World Bank. It is one of the world’s largest financial institutions said to
               represent 188 nations from around the world. Its stated purpose focuses on investing in the
              development of third-world nations and lending interest-free loans to middle- and low-income
                                                       countries.                                                                                 Planet X News Update For 10/27/2013
                                                                                                                                                  'SNL' ridicules Obama's health chief for website
           According to the World Bank, there are two goals that have been set to be achieved by the year 2030.
           These include decreasing the amount of people living on less than $1.25 a day to less than 3% and
                                                                                                                                                  "I have become tired of cinema. The so-called
           fostering the income growth of the bottom 40% of every country.                                                                        entertainment...

           Are these goals sensible for the World Bank to accomplish? And, more importantly, can they be                                          Politicizing the Military: Fort Hood soldiers say Army
                                                                                                                                                  warned them off tea party, Christian groups
           successfully achieved in the midst of a significant shift in the global currency market?
                                                                                                                                                  Good... Bad... Evil...
           To help us break down the global financial giant known as the World Bank and how you can protect                                       Economic Collapse...thanks Obama...The
           your finances during this seemingly unstable global market, we are joined by Karen Hudes, who claims                                   Whistleblowers
           to be a former senior councilwoman at the World Bank.                                                                                  Calvin Johnson has career-high 329 yards in come-
                                                                                                                                                  from-behind win over the Cowboys
                                                                                                                                                  ObamaCare Shocker
                                                                                                                                                  FreedomWorks University

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World Bank Whistleblower Makes Startling Confession – Karen Hudes (video) | Alternative

           karen Hudes (YouTube)
           karen Hudes (Articles ,Video’s)

           Source:[10/27/2013 1:47:19 PM]
World Bank Whistleblower Makes Startling Confession – Karen Hudes (video) | Alternative

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                                                                                                                                                    Gov. Kasich: Obamcare Glitches Wreck
                                                                                                                             Meghan McCain: Dad 'Down-Trodden'
                                                                                                                                                    Over State of GOP
                            What a confession man, who the freak knew that the world bank was corrupt. Well knock me                                Rep. Blackburn: Obamacare
                      over with a feather. Say it isn’t true.                                                                                       Incompetence 'Staggering'
                      The World Bank has been condemned for a long time, a predatory institution that steals the natural                            Christie's Cardiologist: He's Fit to
                      resources and agriculatural production of third world nations!
                                                                                                                                                    Kudlow: Don’t Delay Obamacare, Let
                      Karen Hudes wants in on WB meetings. Hudes puts out a call to the Russians, someone please                                    Them Hang
                      escort Hudes into WB meetings as WB’s hired security firm refuses her entry. Ride to the rescue of                            3 Steps Can Lead to ‘Generational
                      the World Bank, Hudes. We need reforms at the WB

                      The WB and IMF are the institutions of privately owned central banks to rip off poor people. The WB
                      and IMF are enemies of common man, enemies of a free people. Corrupt politicians paid off, sold out
                      their countrymen.

                      OCT 27, 2013, 11:09 AM                                                          Reply         0[10/27/2013 1:47:19 PM]
World Bank Whistleblower Makes Startling Confession – Karen Hudes (video) | Alternative

                      WB stated purpose INVESTING and interest free loans, as stated in the article above. Very little
                      interest free loans, and emphasis on INVESTING! Scholars who have written on the WB say that in
                      all instances, WB intervention has a negative effect on the overall real economy of those nations
                      where WB intervenes.

                      No link provided in article to the WB’s Articles of Agreement. Know first hand, not second hand by
                      reading AofA’s that govern the WB. WB is a corrupt institution based on its founding principles. A
                      FOR PROFIT world bank,           

                      A world bank of the elite competing with private enterprise of the common man among in the banking
                      field. Germany is successful because its banking system is not one where a few banks have most of
                      the business of the nation, but is broken up among thousands of banks. Germany’s banks lend to
                      small to medium sized businesses which are the backbone of any nation which is why Germany is at
                      a surplus, over-funded pensions, etc. The more private enterprise is in the hands of a few, the less
                      free the society, as then big business seeks government to maintain their market and unfairly crowd
                      out small to medium sized enterprises.

                      Evelyn Rothschild on CNBC said small to medium sized businesses are the backbone of America.
                      And while claiming to be anti-casino Wall Street and for a return to essentially what is stated in the
                      scrapped American Glass-Steagall Act, Rothschild, who is among those who control the privately
                      owned Bank of England. has done nothing in the UK to accomplish same. So the Rothschild banking
                      famiily that controls the strings that could bring about lending to small and medium sized businesses,
                      their intention is not to restart the economy so they do not act to restore it, which they could easily
                      do by restoring lending to small to medium sized businesses and take other measures, such as tax
                      code changes. Same could take place in America. Instead, more death to small to medium sized
                      businesses, the backbone of America, as Obamacare will further decimate small to medium sized

                      The United Nations seems to be a light of reason and fairness for the little guy nations, but that is a
                      bunch of bull. Same goes for the world bank. Same goes for the IMF.

                      OCT 27, 2013, 11:39 AM                                                          Reply        0[10/27/2013 1:47:19 PM]
World Bank Whistleblower Makes Startling Confession – Karen Hudes (video) | Alternative[10/27/2013 1:47:19 PM]
World Bank Whistleblower Makes Startling Confession – Karen Hudes (video) | Alternative

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