; When Will Big Brother America Takeover- In 2013
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When Will Big Brother America Takeover- In 2013


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									When Will Big Brother America Takeover? In 2013?

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http://www.tribulationinstitute.com/police_state_big_brother.htm[10/27/2013 10:01:42 AM]
When Will Big Brother America Takeover? In 2013?

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                  Why Should You Consider Living Off the Grid?
    If you don't believe that the American Police State is growing rapidly in 2013 and
       that Christian right winged groups are targeted by big brother , then I don't
     know where you have been the past few years. It is time to pay attention or you                   New World Order Data & Info Page

             will wind up in civilian concentration camps, or worse, beheaded!                              The Illuminati Master Page
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     I used to believe that our country's armed forces would not fire upon Americans,                 The New World Order Progress Report
       but I believe that the National Guard's actions during Katrina suggests that I                           Deceived in Babylon
     might be wrong, as well the actions of the Police and military during the previous
                               G20 meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.                                                Bloodlines of the Illuminati

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http://www.tribulationinstitute.com/police_state_big_brother.htm[10/27/2013 10:01:42 AM]
When Will Big Brother America Takeover? In 2013?

    A couple of years ago President Obama said that our troops will be coming home
    from Iraq by Christmas 2011. I believe something more sinister is involved with
     that decision, even though it was a campaign promise of his to bring them home
     at the end of 2011. We shall see. I believe a new American revolution is in the
      making with the "Occupy Wall Street" protests and that possibly this coming
    spring, we might have our own version of the "Arab Spring" for the furthering of
             the establishment of Region #1 as outlined by the United Nations!
                                                                                                               Star Of David
     The top persons in our government and military know that revolution is coming
     and they are preparing for it and Martial Law, and I believe our troops will fire
       upon Americans who do obey their orders, which will be to round us up for                              Israel Deception
    relocation, or sent to rehabilitation centers to see if the dissenters will change their
       mind and conform to the New World Order point of view, or straight to the                              Real Jew News

                  concentration camps if we are on the list to be executed.

        And they will track us down, using such technology as the Predator Drones
                                                                                                           What Do You Know?
     (President authorizes 30000 for law enforcement in the US) that will eventually be
                                                                                                               World War III
       used to not only track down us down, but to kill New World Order dissenters
     (those persons labeled as domestic terrorists by the US President/False Prophet and                    The New AmeriKa
         who will not take the mark of the beast) in the US, just as they are used to
         assassinate terrorists around the world by the US government. Some are
     incredibly small, even the size of hummingbirds!! As news reports from around
    the world suggest, governments we support are lining up to get their hands on the                        All Sorts of Data
                                 relatively cheap technology.
                                                                                                   The End Times False Prophet New ppt
       If you don't think they will be used on US citizens without them even being                         Deceived in Babylon
    convicted of any crimes by a US court, then you need to think again. We are only
      one step away from doing that already. American born Anwar al Awlaki was
               assassinated Sept. 30, 2011 by one of these drones in Yemen.

     Big Brother is here and in the near future (beginning of sorrows) this technology
        will be used against all those who oppose the New World Order one world
       government of the ten kings and the little horn antichrist as well as the False

     "And he (The False Prophet) had power to give life unto the image of the beast
      (the little horn antichrist), that the image of the beast should both speak, and
    cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed."

       Ex-military personnel are being trained to be employed at these internment
    centers around the US as seen below and the US President has already signed the
       NDAA which allow the government to indefinitely detain American citizens
            without a court order or any future trial. YES IT IS SCARY!!!

      And if you still refuse to understand what Obama is all about, then maybe you
                  should find out more about him from his own words!

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http://www.tribulationinstitute.com/police_state_big_brother.htm[10/27/2013 10:01:42 AM]
When Will Big Brother America Takeover? In 2013?

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http://www.tribulationinstitute.com/police_state_big_brother.htm[10/27/2013 10:01:42 AM]
When Will Big Brother America Takeover? In 2013?

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http://www.tribulationinstitute.com/police_state_big_brother.htm[10/27/2013 10:01:42 AM]
When Will Big Brother America Takeover? In 2013?

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http://www.tribulationinstitute.com/police_state_big_brother.htm[10/27/2013 10:01:42 AM]

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