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									The True Church of the Bible and Yahwah/God

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The True Church of the Bible and Yahwah/God

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                           Of Israel                                                                               and You

    "If the biblical Israelites have been misidentified, then it is inevitable that significant errors
     in doctrinal interpretation and prophetic application have occurred as well". Mission to
                                           Israel Ministries
                                                                                                           A fresh and timely point of
                                         Other Religions Note                                                        view

      First of all in looking at who is the true church and who is                                                       Articles, etc. in the
    the true Israel, let me say that the church has not replaced the
     nation of Israel, (Catholic Church teaches that it, the mother church as "spiritual
     Israel" has replaced Israel and the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, will lay claim to             Gray Shaded Columns Below!
                                         , but in Biblical fact "born-
       Jerusalem and Israel in the end of the world)
                                                                                                                         From My Desk"
          again believers", the true church wherever they meet IS
                   ISRAEL and has always been Israel!

                                                                                                            Special Note from Webmaster

           The New Covenant was promised to descendants of                                               WHAT'S UP CURRENTLY AT
                        Abraham in Isaac.                                                                   THE TRIBULATION
    (... For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel: Neither, because they are the seed of
        Abraham, are they all children: but, In Isaac shall thy seed be called. That is, They               Now You Can Visit Our
     which are not the children of God: but the children of the promise are counted for the                  FACEBOOK PAGE
                                        seed." Romans 9:6-8)
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                (The nation of Israel, brought back in the future to Israel as 12 tribes)                         Off the Grid Supplies!

                                                                                                                     Places of Safety[10/27/2013 10:58:45 AM]
The True Church of the Bible and Yahwah/God

                                                                                                     The False Prophet / False Prophet ppt

        The things you will see here may change all that you thought was great                                Who is Antichrist
                                about going to church!!!
                                                                                                             Origin of Christianity
                       Click here for How To Survive Martial Law In America!
                                                                                                              Mark Of the Beast
                                       Poem for the true church of Israel
                                                                                                              Year 2012 & 2013
     "It can take courage to leave organized religion with all of its trappings. To then having to
          face trying to understand the Bible on your own can be a scary prospect. Yet it is a
                                                                                                               Iran in Prophecy
            necessary step for those who want to know the truth at all costs. Once they start
    understanding from their studies that religions do not teach what the Bible says, they have a
                                                                                                                World War III
      decision to make. They either stay where they are and compromise the truth, or leave so
     they can comply with what they have learned and so be able to receive more truth." (Luke
                                                                                                      PowerPoint of Chart of Revelation
          12:48) (Ad quoted from Timothy J. McHyde, author of "Know the Truth" page 75.

   First of all, having been a pastor myself, many pastors today and long ago, had and                         Israel Deception
   still have a true love for the truth and are doing what they think is promoting the
   establishing of the covenant (the covenant between Yah and Israel) but are doing so                    Days of Noah:2nd Coming
   with much error. Yah/God can work anywhere, whether it be in a bar, prison, pool
   hall, den of iniquity, homes, the workplace and wherever one turns to HIM. And yes he                 Post Tribulation Church List
   can work in what we call the "church building".

   I have often wondered how one can go to church, when true believers are the church?         WHERE
   Just because someone "comes to the Lord" in a church setting, doesn't mean that the
   church building and church structure we all know and have probably been a part of, is      COULD WE
   HIS best. Nor does it mean that that is the way HE ordained it should be. Nevertheless,
   HE can work within it, as HE can in any other place as well as I have stated.             CURRENTLY
   However, it is high time we do it HIS way, not our way or the way of the world, which     (May 2013) BE
   the whore church is in bed with. The Bible has His blueprint as found in the Book of
   Acts and many other places in the New Testament. Read it with an open mind for HIM
   to show you the truth and you will see!! In the not too distant future all churches will
                                                                                               ON THE
   be the synagogue of Satan! Most denominations of today, with some exceptions still
   preach some form of the true gospel, however mixed with false doctrines. Many others
                                                                                              CHART OF
   have left the faith of the Apostles completely as all eventually will, as the New World
   Order will demand!!!
                                                                                                      Beginning of Sorrows- End Times
   I believe we are in sort of a "limbo period" waiting for the "beginning of sorrows" to
   begin and then approximately 3 1/2 years later, the manifested sons of Yah are birthed                Jehovah Witnesses Secrets
   causing Satan to be kicked out of heaven, beginning the time of "Jacob's Trouble"
   whom Yah will save a remnant out of.                                                                 Where is the Outer Darkness

   There will be learning centers in the "place of safety" for teaching the Truth without
   error ( Ephesians 4:11,12,13) and those there will be in complete agreement with the
   Word, but these are yet to have been manifested. However there are "men and women
   of Yah" that are teaching much of what will be taught in those coming places of
   protection from the "beasts of Revelation". They are scattered throughout the earth
   and some of them can be found on the internet such as Larry Meguiar's site! The
   manchild's birth in Rev.12:5,7,8 causes Satan, the red dragon to be cast out of heaven            New World Order Data & Info Page
   Rev.12:9, bringing salvation Rev.12:10,11,12 and then the end will come, starting the
   great tribulation of 3 1/2 years as Yahshua said in Matthew 24:14,15,21.                              The Illuminati Master Page

                                                                                                     New World Order Planned Events
          Yah will lead you to them, if you seek the TRUTH!![10/27/2013 10:58:45 AM]
The True Church of the Bible and Yahwah/God

                                                                                            The New World Order Progress Report

                                                                                                    Deceived in Babylon
       (The wisdom that is found on some internet sites will be
        temporary at best and then soon taken off the internet.                                   Bloodlines of the Illuminati
      Several UN member states are meeting in Dubai Dec 2012
                                                                                                     Click on Pic below
       and want the UN to regulate the internet, and that other
     countries other than American NGO's should have a hand to
     regulate it. They want to be able to censor what information
                  their citizens can have access too! )

                                                                                                        Star Of David
      If you belong to an institutionalized church whether it be denominational or non
    denominational and wished that your pastor taught the post tribulation view and the
     rest of the truth concerning the rapture and the Great Tribulation or wished they
      would teach the seriousness of the hour and what fate will befall the US (Jacob's                Israel Deception
    Trouble where most true Israelis are) then you might want to get them to come to this              Real Jew News
                         site and especially read this note to pastors!

    Israel is the election of Yah and He says He will shorten the                                   What Do You Know?

    days of the great tribulation for their sake, and if not then no                                    World War III

     flesh would be saved, but before then and even before the                                       The New AmeriKa

    beginning of sorrows, we will through much tribulation enter
                           into the kingdom!
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                                                                                             The End Times False Prophet New ppt
         The True Church is the Woman in the
                                                                                                    Deceived in Babylon
         Wilderness in the Book of Rev. Chapter

                                                                                                    America the Babylon

                                                                                                 Updated The Years 2012 &

                                                                                                    Sabbath Calendar

                                                                                            Preparation for the Tribulation Series

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The True Church of the Bible and Yahwah/God

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