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 We are privileged to have you as our guest and hope you return many many times in
                                     the future.

You didn't get to this page by chance. You got here because you were interested in or
  curious about subjects relating to either the Tribulation Saints, Tribulation News,
    Chart of the Book of Revelation, New World Order, the Illuminati, the Great
 Tribulation, Survival Related Topics, the Rapture, for Post Tribulation studies, End
Time Preparation, Off the Grid topics, or perhaps for learning more about Living Off
         the Grid or a whole host of other topics we cover, teach and study.

Regardless of the reason, we hope we can be of some help in answering some of your
                questions about any of the above mentioned topics.

I truly believe that the shadow government of the US of which President Obama is
just another pawn in a long list, but a big one in this truly sick administration, is going
to bring the upper middle class, the middle class and below down to the living
standards of third world countries. He has made no bones about his agenda even while
he was running for office for his first term that he would re-distribute the wealth. And
make no mistake about it, his rich cronies will get richer as we saw in the bailout
programs in 2008.

Anyone who has studied the aims and tools the Illuminati and its new World Order,
knows their agenda to bring about world socialism/communism/liberalism and
equality of all nations and peoples (other than them and their elitists friends and
cronies) of the world, and they also know that those in the third world countries will
never rise up to the living status of the poor who live in the first world nations. They
know that the first world nations (America) must be brought down to the level of the
third world nations. That's not rocket science by the way. And Obama believes that
even the poorest in America are richer than the upper middle class and rich in most
countries of the world.

So get ready for more re-distribution of your wealth by taxation from the government
so they can even more so than before distribute it to themselves and if any is left over
they will give it to their cronies that they install in leadership of the third world
countries, and not those who are starving, because in their world view they are not
sustainable, and do not contribute to the heartbeat of the world at large, and therefore
should they should be eliminated, as well as those who do not go along with their
program of world socialism, i.e. true Christians and others.
And they intend to take away your guns and your ability to defend yourself away from
you, so you cannot conceivably stop them from their agenda, which is world socialism
ruled by a world despot, as the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (false Jews
Rev. 2:9). I don't believe they can be stopped, for it is prophesied in the Bible.

We in no way endorse or subscribe to the view of armed resistance
against the government, even though the 2nd Amendment was written just for
that purpose if the government became tyrannical as the US government certainly has
in my view. Why do I say they have you ask?

                       The list is so long I tire even thinking of it.

We are constantly continuing to search for others who have our same purpose in mind
and more of the TRUTH OF HIS WORD, wherever we may find it!! There are many
articles and teachings throughout this website from other sources and websites that
have much truth about certain areas, but contain error in other areas. We do not
endorse everything else on these sites but that area of truth for which we linked to
confirm our own agreement with such teachings.

Does that mean, that the Tribulation Institute is without error? No, it does not. No one
has all the truth as yet, until the "learning centers of Zion" are manifest through the
"manifest sons of Yah". (Eph.4:13,14 & Rev.12:4,5 & Isa.66:7,26:17 & Rev.2:26)
However, we are open to review anything outside the "fundamentals of the faith".

If you have a problem with something you feel that is error, bring it to our attention
and we will look at it. But you had well better have studied it for yourself, first.
Giving us your opinion about what someone else said, that sounds right is not good
enough nor solicited. Study it first, for yourself, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you
into the truth. If you have sincere questions, we are happy and at your disposal to

This Institute is for studying, not chit chat. There are plenty of other places to do that.
There is a time and a place for everything, but that time and place is not now nor

The time is drawing near, even at the door, when playing church, will come to an
end!! People's eternity is at stake. There is no time left for foolishness. Let's grow up
and put childish things behind us.
If you are new to Christian Prophecy, whether you have been a Christian for one day,
or for thirty years, you need to get serious and dig into the Word. As we have said,
" ... the testimony of Jesus/Yahshua is the spirit of prophecy". (Rev.19:10)

      There are some things that we don't have time here to debate, such as "pre-
   tribulation" , or "pre-wrath" rapture theories, which is what they are at best and
 nonsense at worst. If you want someone to tickle your ears, you can find them by the
thousands, both in the church and on the web. I know this may sound harsh, but like I
                       said, time is short, and the stakes are high.

          Why Consider Living Off the Grid

 Should we prepare by storing food for the
 coming food shortage and the tribulation
coming to America and around the world?
    I wholeheartedly believe the answer is
  However, the importance is secondary to
 the importance of being reconciled to Yah
 (God) through Yahshua (His only begotten
 Son) and being conformed unto his image,
               and being an
                                    Jeff Forrester
  Living off the grid, either temporarily or long term has its                           Buy Now!!
                                                                           Newslette      Book One
    challenges and it also has great rewards as well, like                    r        Read online for
  enjoying the wonder of Yah's creation, that we call nature.                              Free for
                                                                                        limited time
  But being unprepared to live off the grid is not something                               ONLY
      that you should take lightly. I have always been an                                   Truth
 outdoorsman, camper, hiker etc. all my life, so living off the                          Book Two
    grid for me is an easy thing to do and enjoy it as well.                 Free
 However, for many, even the thought of living off the grid or
 camping for an extended period of time scares the heck out
 of them, and they quickly dismiss the idea and return to their                          WHAT'S
 daily cares of the world (Luke 21:34). Don't you make that                                UP
    same mistake!!! Additionally there is something special                             CURRENT
     about living in the mountains, wherever they may be!                              LY AT THE
                                                       Jeff Forrester
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