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					       Arcteryx Womens Covert Cardigan Raku Survey
I loved the feel and construction of this jacket, but it was much too short! The material is really soft
and cozy and I liked the purple color. Unfortunately, I had to return it due to the short length. I
bought the Arcteryx stratto jacket instead, which has a longer fit.

This fleece is warm and fits just right, flattering my shape but not too snug. But this is meant as an
underlayer, I believe: when I wear it outside, I can feel the wind go through the tiny holes when I'm

Fits very well Very warm Could be used as an outside garment if no wind Very nice garment to have

Love the color and the soft cozy feeling of this next to my skin. Note though that the fit is a bit small.

This is a wonderful jacket, I love to color and it fits well. I do wish it were a bit longer on the torso
because if you wear them with low rise jeans, a bit of your stomach might show. Also, it is not as
warm as I would like it, you definitely have to wear a long sleeve under it if you want to block out the
cold. Other than that, the material is great and like I said, the color is beautiful.


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