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radiopharmaceutical administration

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									    SUBJECT:         RADIOPHARMACEUTICAL                                     REFERENCE #3019
                     ADMINISTRATION                                          PAGE:   1
    DEPARTMENT:                                                                OF:   2

    APPROVED BY:                                                             REVISED:


●         All procedures MUST be ordered in writing.

●         For inpatients, the order MUST be verified by checking for the physician's signed order or
          an RN's signature verifying the physician's phoned order.

●         For outpatients, a written order must be obtained from the patient prior to starting the exam.
          If no written or qualified verbal verification can be reasonably obtained, the exam shall be

●         Before any exam is started on a patient less than 18 years old, and where hospital protocol
          requires, assure parental consent forms have been signed.

●         For all patients who might either be pregnant or still lactating, assure that the radiologists
          verify the need for the exam.

          ●       I-131 will not be administered to any woman of childbearing age until a negative
                  serum pregnancy test is confirmed.

●         In all cases the Standard Dose of Radiopharmaceuticals must always be adhered to,
          unless the authorized user listed on the radioactive material license directly orders a
          change. Should the change be significant, have the Radiologist put his/her request in

●         Preparations: Check with exam protocols to verify patient preparations.

●         For oral administration of I-131 caps, ensure prior to administration that the patient's history
          of medications has been reviewed.

●         A written directive must accompany any therap
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