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					               Madeline Toddler Costume Girl Survey
Madeline is all about the hat. The photo online shows THE Madeline hat with the upturned brim.
The photo on the package is the same one. The hat that I received, however, looks NOTHING like
the picture. It is a wide-brimmed hat with an absolutely FLAT BRIM -- not able to be molded or
turned up or anything -- which looks nothing at all like the Madeline from the books. The fleece on
the coat/dress is the kind of fleece that pills immediately and looks awful. If "Rubies" is the
manufacturer, they need to fix this, as you will most certainly not get what you paid for.

The quality of this costume was very poor and didn't look like the picture. There are several different
companies that produce this same costume, and Rubie's Costume Co. produced the particular
costume I received. I wonder if the reviews of products by the other manufacturers are equally
negative. Instead of a bow on Madeline's hat, there was a ridiculously large piece of black foam cut
into a bow-like shape that looked absurd and 2-D. Also, the red ribbon shown at Madeline's coat
collar was not large and vibrant, as in the picture; it looked like a 6-inch length of red shoelace. I
had to make several alterations in order for costume to look acceptable. I have never purchased
anything this chintzy in my life.

Was very happy with it! it was adorable and my kid looked great in it. Would recommend it very
strongly to everyone

The hat is wrong. The costume is recognizable but not high quality. Unfortunately, there's not a lot
of selection in Madeline costumes--so I guess something is better than nothing.


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