Newsletter for the Week of October 28 - November 1_ 2013 by JenBatte


									                                                                         Ms. Batte’s
                                                                  For the Week of October 28 –
                                                                        November 1, 2013

   Important Dates                                Classroom News
    Wednesday, October 30th –
  Pancakes in Pajamas! Wear your
                                                 Our Fall Party will be on Friday, November 1st at 1:30
         pajamas to school!                       p.m. The K-2 students to dress up in their costumes
                                                  on this day and we have a parade throughout the
      Thursday, October 31st –                    school. I will be out of town on this day (my baby
      Halloween Kindergarten                      brother is getting married in Madison, Mississippi!)
             Rotations                            and am in need of parents to assist our sub on this
                                                  day! Let me know if you are available to help out!
  Friday, November 1st – Fall Party               Thank you to Mrs. Curtis and Mrs. Graves for
                Day!                              volunteering this week! 

   Friday, November 8th – White                  We have several fun things planned for this week!
                                                  However, we are in need of some assistance from you
          Pillowcases due!
                                                  for some of the necessary supplies! Notes went home
                                                  at the end of last week asking for items for both our
     Monday, November 11th –
                                                  Pancakes in Pajamas Day and our Fall Party! Any and
 Veteran’s Day Program, 1:00 p.m.                 all assistance that you can provide will be greatly
                                                  appreciated—especially since I have to be out of
      Friday, November 15th –                     town on the day of our Fall Party! Thank you in
        Thanksgiving Lunch                        advance! 

                                                 We still have several students who haven’t turned in
                                                  their class t-shirt money ($8). (OVER HALF OF OUR
         Birthdays                                CLASS!!) Please be sure to do so as soon as
                                                  possible—making payments is perfectly acceptable!
       Roger – October 13th                       Thank you!

Literacy Tip: Go on a Sight Word Hunt when sharing books with your child! As you read Bedtime
stories at night, have your child identify our Sight Words in the story, as well as any other words that
he/she is familiar with! Have them keep a tally of how many times they saw a certain word! 

Ms. Jen Batte                         E-mail:
Watt Hardison Elem.                   Webpage:
300 Gibson Street
Portland, TN 37148 (615) 325-3233
      Lunch Menu                                          What We’re Learning
Monday: Pizza or Chicken Parmesan;
parsley potatoes, green beans, Mandarin
                                             Reading:      Our texts this week will help us to understand and answer
                                             the question: Why do people use wheels? Our first Focus Story is a
oranges, and Granny Smith apple slices
                                             Realistic Fiction piece entitled Good Morning, Digger by Anne Rockwell,
Tuesday: Chicken Nuggets or Salisbury
                                             illustrated by Melanie Hope Greenberg. In this book, boy watches in
Steak; creamed potatoes, broccoli w/
                                             fascination as construction workers and their tremendous trucks
cheese sauce, diced peach cup, and fresh
                                             transform a vacant lot into a wonderful new neighborhood center. This
pear slices
                                             story shows the different stages of a building’s construction, from deep
Wednesday: Ham & Cheese Sandwich or
                                             hole to its tallest girders—and all the trucks that help along the way!
BBQ Chicken on a Bun; Ranch-style baked
                                                 Our second Focus Story will be What Do Wheels Do All Day? by April
beans, oven fries, Romaine salad, peach
                                             Jones Prince, illustrated by Giles Laroche. This story falls into the genre
slices, and grapes
                                             of Informational Text. The author uses 29 different action verbs, along
Thursday: Super Nachos or Chicken
                                             with cut-paper illustrations, to describe the purpose that wheels serve.
Fajitas; refried beans, whole kernel corn,
                                                Our Target Skills this week will be: blending phonemes, reading rate,
taco trimmings, strawberries and bananas
                                             synonyms, the relationship between text and graphic features, drawing
Friday: Chicken Sliders or Pork Chops;
                                             conclusions, questioning, and numbers as adjectives. We will also be
steamed carrots, pinto beans, pineapple
                                             working to identify the letter 'Pp', as well as its corresponding phoneme,
tidbits, and blueberries & kiwi

                                             Letter: Pp

                                             High-Frequency Word: to (Please continue to practice all of our High-
                                             Frequency Words at home!)

                                             Oral Vocabulary (Good Morning, Digger): cement, community, early,
                                             vacant, weeds, welding

                                             Selection Vocabulary (What Do Wheels Do All Day?): patrol, sputter,
                                             travelers, twirl

                                             Math:     This week we will be working on

       Related Arts                          identifying, making, and writing the numbers
                                             6 – 10. Please practice writing these numbers at
                                             home as well—be sure to correct your child if
           Schedule                          they are writing a number backwards! Judging
                                             by a few activities we did this week, our class
                                             really needs some practice with this! 
              Week D

Monday: Library                                                    Important Info
Tuesday: P.E.                                        *****We have had a class pet (a baby bunny) donated to us by a
                                                  former softball player of mine. He will either stay at home with me
                                                    or be fostered by another classroom until we have met our goals.
Wednesday: Art                                       We are very close to having all members of our class know their
                                                  letters. However, we still need to earn that Golden Award! Please
                                                 encourage your child to be the best they can be during Related Arts
Thursday: Music                                    so that our new friend can come and join us in the classroom!*****

Friday: Guidance                                 I made a deal with them that we could adopt a pet, given
                                                 that they meet my 2 conditions—which are as follows:

                                                   1 – Every student in our class knows all of their letters
**Please make sure that your                                      and sounds by Christmas.
child wears tennis shoes on P.E.
days!                                             2 – Our class receives a Golden Award (from any Related
                                                   Arts teacher for best behaved class—awarded weekly).

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