KINDERGARTEN back pack 2 three-prong folder 1 pocket folder 2 pkgs. #2 pencils crayons (24 maximum) 9 glue sticks dry erase marker scissors (suggest Fiskars) tissues ziplock bags Girls – quart size Boys – gallon size baby wipes liquid soap 1 clean athletic sock

SECOND GRADE back pack 24 yellow #2 pencils 1 box of crayons spiral notebook 2 pocket folders 1 highlighter scissors (suggest Fiskars) 9 glue sticks 2 lg. pkgs. wide-ruled loose leaf notebook paper pencil box or pouch 5 composition notebooks 2 box quart ziplock bags: 2 boxes of tissues 2 packages of baby wipes hand sanitizer

FIRST GRADE back pack 1 box of crayons (24 max.) 8 glue sticks 2 pkgs. #2 pencils scissors (suggest Fiskars) 1 two-pocket folder 1 black/white composition notebook pencil box tissues 1 box gallon ziplock bags: ruler eraser liquid soap baby wipes hand sanitizer

*If you shop for supplies at Office Depot, please provide CRE’s ID# 70103404. CRE will receive 5% back of your total order. Also, remember that the PTA collects receipts from Farm Fresh and Target. This helps our school buy additional instructional items.


FIFTH GRADE back pack 2 three-ring binder with 1 ½ rings – No Trapper Keepers) 3-prong pocket folders spiral notebook colored pencils compass protractor dividers w/plastic tabs highlighters 3 pkgs. loose leaf notebook paper 3 black/white composition notebooks pencil pouch erasers 2 pkgs. #2 pencils (no mechanicals) 1 red pen 1 box crayons 1 ruler marked inches & centimeters scissors (suggest Fiskars) 2 glue sticks 1 dry-erase marker (black, low odor) 2 boxes tissues 1 clean athletic sock liquid soap

back pack 4 pocket folders 4 black/white composition notebooks (no 3-ring binders) 1 lg. pkg. wide-ruled loose leaf notebook paper erasers colored pencils 1 box crayons (24 count) 6 lg. glue sticks or 12 small glue sticks scissors (suggest Fiskars) 3 highlighters 2 red pens dry erase marker pencil bag (no boxes) 3 pkgs. #2 pencils (no mechanicals) ziplock bags Girls – quart size Boys – gallon size 2 boxes tissues 1 clean athletic sock hand sanitizer NO TRAPPER KEEPERS, PLEASE. No rolling book bags, please.

FOURTH GRADE back pack 2- large pkgs. wide-ruled loose leaf notebook paper 2 five-subject notebooks w/subject tabs 2 inch 3-ring binders 2 black/white composition notebooks 3 STURDY pocket folders scissors (suggest Fiskars) 1 12’ ruler (inches & centimeters) 1 box crayons (24 pack) 2 red pencils (no gel pens) 3 pkgs. #2 pencils (no mechanicals) 5 lg. glue sticks 2 dry erase markers (black, low odor) 2 highlighters (different colors) colored pencils erasers dividers w/ plastic tabs 1 zippered pencil case (NO pencil boxes) 2 boxes tissues 1 clean athletic sock hand sanitizer liquid soap

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