IMPORTANT: Please clearly mark each item with the child’s name, including all pens, pencils, crayons, markers, etc. unless otherwise noted below. Please also mark all outerwear (coats, hats, gloves, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.). Unclaimed Lost and Found items are donated to charity every two weeks.
PRESCHOOL 3’s 1 backpack 1 8-count washable primary markers set 1 8-count washable primary crayons set 6 glue sticks 1 7.625 oz. bottle of school glue 1 bottle hand sanitizer 2 large Costco-sized boxes of crackers or other healthy snack 1 change of clothing to be kept in backpack PRESCHOOL 4’s change of clothes to be kept in backpack 2 large Folders – (approx 9 x12) with bottom pockets only – Mead, Pee-Chee, Oxford, etc. 1 school box – 8” x 4 ½ ” only. Please write your child’s first and last name on all sides. Please Label These Items: 2 jumbo “My First” pencils 1 box 8-count fat crayons (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, black, brown) - please label each crayon. 1 box 8-count fat washable markers (red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, black, brown) - please label each marker. 1 watercolor paint set 1 Fiskars student scissors, blunt tip with protective cover Do Not Label: 2 large Costco-sized boxes of crackers or other healthy snack 1 7.625 oz washable school glue 8 glue sticks, no liquid/gel please 1 large box baby wipes 1 box tissue. 1 bottle of hand sanitizer KINDERGARTEN change of clothes-labeled in a zip lock baggie (in case of accidents) 2 large box tissue 3 boxes antibacterial wipes 1 6-8 oz hand sanitizer 2 large boxes of crackers, cookies or cereal (Kix, Cheerios) 1 Crayola watercolor paint set “Mr. Sketch” scented markers (10 pack) 1 2 oz. Elmer’s school glue 6-8 glue sticks (do not label) 1 pocket folder – pocket on bottom st 1 8-count box jumbo crayons (1 semester) nd 1 24-count box crayons (2 semester) 1 10-count set broad-tip markers (includes pink and purple) 2 #2 pencils (regular size for later use – do not label) All-day Kindergarten ONLY: tri-fold rest mat (Children’s Bookshop & Teaching Supplies 425.673.2416) 1 school box, snap closure (6” x 9” size) FIRST GRADE 2 erasers (pink Pearl) 3 pkg. #2 pencils 2 boxes 24-count crayons 2 small supply boxes (approx. 8” x 5”)-each a different color 1 12” wooden ruler with inches and centimeters 1 lg. bottle of Elmer’s or white school glue 3 lg. glue sticks (no liquid) 1 box Crayola brand watercolor paints 1 pkg. Crayola brand colored pencils (12 max, pre-sharpened) wide tip watercolor markers – label each marker 2 lg. boxes tissue – share – do not label 2 lg. containers antibacterial wipes – share – do not label 1 medium bottle hand sanitizer – share – do not label scissors (NO plastic-they need to be sharp and pointed) backpack, school bag or book bag nd nd NIV Bible - 2 semester (see 2 grade for description) SECOND GRADE NIV Bible (NOT “Reader’s Version”) crayons (not more than 24 per pack) 2 bottom-pocket plastic folders st small school box (with 2 sharpened pencils for the 1 day of school) 1 pkg. Mr. Sketch watercolor markers 1 pkg. thin markers 2 wide-ruled spiral-bound notebooks (80-100 pages only) 1 box Crayola brand watercolor paints Backpack DO NOT LABEL: 1 bottle Elmer’s or school glue 4 pkg. (12) #2 pencils scissors - sharp 1 ruler with metrics 2 large glue sticks 2 boxes tissue 1 bottle hand sanitizer 2 containers baby wipes 3 red pens 1 pkg. pencil-top erasers 2 large pink erasers 2 transparent tape refills 1 pkg. plain computer paper 1 pkg. wide-ruled notebook paper

THIRD GRADE NIV Bible 3-ring binder (2 inch) (NOT a “Trapper Keeper”) 10 index dividers for the binder crayons 2 Pee Chee type folders “School” glue (Elmer’s) (Continued in next column)

1 large glue stick watercolor paints (a larger brush is also helpful) 1 pkg colored washable markers small school box (for small supplies) pencil pouch for binder supply of wide-ruled notebook paper (8½ x 11) #2 pencils (6 boxes of 12 – three per semester) scissors (good, sharp, pointed ones) 12” ruler with metric scale (wooden if possible) 2 boxes tissue 1 bottle hand sanitizer 2 large pink erasers 3 red ballpoint pens (or 3 red pencils) per semester 1 black, fine-tip, permanent marker 1 ream typing/computer paper (for art) backpack small pencil sharpener with receptacle for shavings 1 box colored pencils FOURTH GRADE NIV Bible 3-ring binder (1 ½-2 ”) – NOT a Trapper Keeper 8-10 tab dividers 1 pencil pouch 1 pkg. lined 3x5 index cards small pencil box (no larger than 5” x 8” total) 3 red pens 1 Elmer’s glue 2 large glue sticks 4 pkg. (12) #2 pencils 2 pkg. pencil top erasers (no fancy shapes please) sharp, pointed scissors (student size) ruler with metric scale 1 pkg. colored pencils (24 ct. max) 10-12 count markers 2 spiral notebooks (70-100 pages, wide-ruled) 2 boxes tissue 1 container disinfectant wipes FIFTH GRADE NIV Bible 3-ring binder (1½”) (or accordion file) 12 dividers 3 pkgs. wide-ruled notebook paper pencil pouch in binder for: four #2 pencils 4 red pens or pencils for correcting 8 colored pencils 1 art gum eraser 2 large glue sticks 1 ruler with metric scale 1 Elmer’s glue 3x5 index cards, lined 2 large boxes tissue 1 container disinfectant wipes scissors crayons or markers pocket thesaurus 1 highlighter pen

3 clear-view 3-ring binders (1 ½”) 1 plastic expandable file (boomerang) 1 pkg. of plastic report covers 1 pkg. of 4x6 index cards (ruled) 1 pkg. of 3x5 index cards (ruled) Large supply of college-ruled notebook paper 1 ruler with customary and metric measures supply box (snap shut) 3 red ballpoint pens 3 large glue sticks 1 highlighter pen 1 set of colored pencils 1 set of colored markers 2 large boxes tissue 8 or more tab dividers 1 pkg. of reinforcements Scissors GRADES 7 - 12 Basic supplies: book covers (cloth or paper) book bag/backpack pens, pencils pencil pouch large box tissue (to homeroom teacher) large supply of college ruled paper 2-3” Binder with dividers 1-2 red pens pink Pearl eraser USB memory stick or 2 floppy discs colored pencils 2-3 folders NIV Bible Science: highlighter spiral notebook ruler calculator (may use scientific) lab fee protractor metric ruler Math: 1-100 pg spiral notebook college-ruled compass & protractor ruler (in/cm) scientific Calculator graph paper 1 pkg. 3x5 lined index cards English: 1” binder (for portfolio) PE: uniform ($20 fee will be collected and uniform ordered the first week of school) PE shoes Electives: supply lists will be distributed in class fee (possible in some classes) .

SIXTH GRADE NIV Bible (stays at school) 1 8 ½ x 11” spiral notebook, college-ruled supply of #2 pencils 5 blue or black erasable pens Scissors (Continued in next column)

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