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									Dermatologist Skin Care Products - Choosing
While choosing skin care products one has to be very careful about products and their ingredients. It
appears to be a general notion that costly products are better than the cheaper ones. First and foremost
detail to pay attention to is the date of expiry and the date of production. Studies reveal that a
considerable percentage of the consumers do not look for the date of expiry.

The second important thing to consider is one’s skin type if it is oily, dry or sensitive. Each type of skin
interacts with any given product differently. Sensitive skin, for example, requires product to be acid and
dye free whereas oily skin requires an alcohol free moisturizer and so on.

While choosing skin products always perform a patch test so that there won’t be any major

Prefer products with retinoids. They help in lightening brown spots, uncloging pores etc, thereby giving a
good texture to the skin. At the same time, some can cause irritation on the first application. So it is
better for the skin to gradually acclimatize to the product

UV rays from the sun might cause irritation, premature aging, spots and even skin cancer on long-term
exposure. So it is better to a select sunscreen lotion SPF of 30 or more for sensitive skin types to counter
problems from UV rays.

Products with vitamins like A, B, C, E are preferred as they reduce collagen breakage by free radicles,
decrease inflammation and improves skin texture.

Dermatologists prefer advising the products with natural ingredients so that there will be less chemical
action on skin and less chances of side effects. Most commonly used are natural ingredients inlclude
colloidal oatmeal, Aloe vera, turmeric, chamomile etc

Coming to the scalp, dandruff is the most common problem. It can be controlled by using shampoos
which have ketonozole, Pyrithione Zinc and antifungal ingredients that help reduce fungal growth, thus
regulating blood circulation to the scalp.

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