; 10 Essential Pre-requisites to look for before you Hire PHP Developers
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10 Essential Pre-requisites to look for before you Hire PHP Developers


Hypertext Preprocessor well known as PHP is an emerging web programming language due to its incredible benefits that includes but not limited to – flexible data handling, user-friendly and most importantly PHP is free of cost.

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									   10 Essential Pre-requisites to look for before you Hire PHP Developers

The success of any Web development project greatly depends on the developer’s expertise in
the meadow. Thus, to enjoy the benefits of PHP to the fullest you need a highly skilled PHP
developer. Here are few points that you need to bear in mind before you hire PHP developers.

1. Check how well experienced the PHP developer is
The PHP developer should have sound knowledge and experience in various web applications;
after all it is professionalism that counts. Only an experienced PHP developer can make your
website look professional, thus enhancing your users experience.

2. Evaluate the past work done
It’s never a bad idea to evaluate some of the past projects done by the PHP developer you look
to hire. You need to evaluate not based on the design features but based on the success of the
website in business.

3. Authenticate the PHP developer’s coding skills
You can verify this by contacting the website owner for whom the PHP developer has worked
for. Another best way is to ask the developer for a demonstration which will help you judge his
coding abilities precisely.

4. Does the PHP developer own Project Management Tools?
Ensure that the developer owns a staging server. This will help you to track the progress of the
project time and again.

5. Don’t miss NDA
Even before you kick off the project, get a NDA [Non-disclosure agreement] to ensure privacy
and confidential upkeep of source code.

6. CMS and Integration
A well experienced PHP programmer should have extensive knowledge about Content
Management System Development and Integration
7. Ensure About the Knowledge in Data Management System
Make sure that the PHP developers you hire have sufficient knowledge about HTML, XHTML,
AJAX, MySQL, Zend, CakePHP, etc. It’s always safe to hire PHP developers from experienced /
professional companies. This helps you ensure that you receive quality services.

8. Does the developer develop SEO friendly website?
Confirm whether the PHP developer designs and develops websites that is search engine
friendly and visually pleasing which helps in driving huge traffic to your website and boost up

9. Browser Compatibility
This is a major aspect. The developer you hire should be well versed in developing websites
that is compatible in multiple browsers regardless of version.

10. Dedicated Customer Service
Last but not the least; hire PHP programmers who are always available to answer your queries
pooled with outstanding co-ordination. This helps in completing the project successfully on time.

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