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                             Dr Dale Gerke:

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A smarter way to make money.

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     MiVeda Marketing India Private Limited             (SRN S06608269)

 produces a large range of health & nutrition, personal care,
               dental and hair care products.

These products are free of potentially harmful ingredients and
       are safe for you and your whole family to use.

is a marketing & training company developed by Dr Dale Gerke
   exclusively to help you make money and achieve success.

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Where are you going
to be in 5 years time?

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   Ask yourself these questions…

•Are you living the life you really want?
•Are you satisfied with your current income?
•Are you happy with your career prospects?
•Are you planning for your retirement?
•Are you going to become financially free in the next few
 years (or ever) if you continue to do what you are doing

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To be able to do whatever you want, whenever
you want, you need a large passive income.

There is a difference between
active and passive income…

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Active Income
•   Job
•   Professional
•   Self employed
•   Small business
•   Consultant

What are the results?

Money                             Money
Time             or               Time
Security                          Security
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Passive Income
• Ongoing royalties or commissions

What are the results?


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How can you get a large passive

•   Inherit wealth and invest
•   Win lottery and invest
•   Own a large share portfolio
•   Have a real estate empire
•   Write a best-selling book or song

…but these options are not available to most people.
You could start your own business…

…but the problems are:

•   High capital outlay
•   High time outlay
•   High overheads
•   Long time to establish
•   Lots of paperwork
•   Experience
•   Training
•   Marketing expertise
offer you an amazing

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A business that has:

•   Low capital outlay…   4000 INR
•   Low time outlay…      2-15 hours per week
•   Low overheads…        Internet, phone, post
•   Minimal paperwork…    Automated and online
•   A training system…    You get full support
•   A marketing system…    IT’S EASY!
To make an informed business decision
you must conduct proper “due diligence”

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There are 4 critical areas to consider…




System - marketing & training

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MiVeda produces a large range of health & nutrition, personal,
dental care and Hair care products. All products are free of
potentially harmful ingredients and are safe for you
and your whole family to use. MiVeda bridges the gap between
ageless human needs and modern science.

MiVeda is:
• Debt free
• Professionally managed
• Experiencing rapid growth

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MiVeda has a range of products which are high in demand and are
suitable for everyone.

The products are…
• Non-toxic
• Environmentally friendly
• Not tested on animals
• Very effective. They work!

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Why do we need MiVeda products?

Because good health is directly
related to good nutrition, high
levels of anti-oxidants and not
being exposed to toxins.
MiVeda products provide us with
the nutrients, minerals, vitamins
and anti-oxidants that our
bodies need …but without exposing
us to potentially harmful ingredients.

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Every day, we face the damaging
effects of today’s world…

•   Environmental pollution
•   Industrial pollution
•   Traffic pollution
•   Smoking
•   Mobile phones
•   Fast food
•   Excess solar rays
•   Toxic personal care products
•   Toxic household products
•   Pesticides
•   Herbicides
Every day people all over the world…

•   Shower, shampoo and shave
•   Use skin care products and cosmetics
•   Brush their teeth
•   Take vitamin and mineral supplements
MiVeda products combat the toxins
and free-radicals that invade our
lives every day.

Everyone needs our products…

All we do is swap brands!

MiVeda has probably the most lucrative and rewarding marketing
plan in India.

You are about to see what makes the MiVeda distribution system
and marketing plan such a powerful combination.

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      Traditional Supply Chain

Manufacturer    Agent         Warehouse                       Retail   Consumer

  This supply chain can consume up to 90% of the retail cost. All of these
  stages of distribution increase the price that the consumer pays at the

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        MiVeda Supply Chain

     Manufacturer                Network of distributors & consumers

•   Products are supplied direct from the manufacturer to the consumer
•   Money saved is paid to the distributors.
•   As you increase product turnover, you increase your income.
•   You increase your product turnover by marketing and word of mouth.

                             Everyone wins!
                   Team Building
There is a distribution system which rewards you for referring customers.
MiVeda has an extremely fair and rewarding marketing plan for ALL
distributors, which increases your passive income as you make referrals
and build your team. Rewards are maximised by a balanced combination
of width (people you personally introduce)
and depth (people who are introduced by someone in your team).
Uni-level Bonus
    Instant Income - Minimum


•   4000 INR to qualify
•   Paid on individuals
•   PV ratio 1:1
•   12% on Level 1
•    6% on Level 2

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Uni-level Bonus
 Instant Income - Maximum

• 12% on Level 1
• 6% on Level 2
• 4% on Level 3
• 3% on Level 4
• 5% on Level 5
• 7% on Level 6

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Pooled Leadership Bonus
         Pooled Leadership:

     • No side volume qualification
     • Paid on qualified legs (groups)
     • Increasing percentages as you grow

     •   Retail Bonus (3%)
     •   Emerald Bonus (1%)
     •   Diamond Bonus (1%)
     •   Executive Diamond Bonus (2%)
     •   Super Diamond Bonus (up to 3% - 1% auto and 2% discretionary)
     •   Car and House Program ( Starts at Emerald)
     •   Charity Bonus (1%)

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     Car Bonus
•   4 qualified legs (Emerald)
•   Minimum 80000 INR monthly bonus
•   3 month pre-qualification
•   Extra 10%
•   Minimum of 10000 INR
•   Maximum of 40000 INR

                                           FREE CAR!

    Or a House Bonus!
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  We have just explained the concept of

       This is where a lot of people do a little bit each.

We all swap brands and share the concept with new people.
       Then we help these new people do the same.
         Just Imagine…
•   Being in control of your own life.
•   Having more time to spend with your family.
•   Having more time to spend on your hobbies.
•   Driving the car of your dreams.
•   Having enough money to buy and do whatever you want!
There are still some questions you could ask

Does it work?
YES…and we will verify incomes.

Will it work for me?
YES…we have a tried and proven system for you to use.

What will my friends think?
Our marketing and training system is so good, they will want to see what
you have.

How can I do it?
Use the Success Alliance ™ India training and marketing system!

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                   Marketing & Training System

Step 1:
Refer people to your Success Alliance India website.

Step 2:
Follow up with a phone call, email or meet in person.
If they are interested, give them this presentation.

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                 Marketing & Training System

Step 3:
Follow up with a phone call, email
or meet in person. If still deciding,
give them the “My Way to Succeed”
e-Book. If ready to start, register
them via MiVeda website.

Step 4:
Read and listen to Beginner’s
Training Kit, and read the
free e-Newsletters.
            With MiVeda

you can enjoy a better quality of life!
       Your Decision

  Based on the information you
have just seen, is there any reason
 why you should not get started?

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 Is there?

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    For more information &
   help with getting started…

Please contact the person who gave you this

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