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									Prepping for the Golden Years

The golden years of life are a time to be celebrated: just like
youth, adulthood, and middle-age. They mark a change in

Where youth and mobility were once limited by inexperience,
experience and love is only limited by the bend in your back
and the speed of your stride—and that’s not always a bad
thing. If given the option, many of those in their golden years
wouldn’t trade youth for their life experiences.

They’ve become too valuable to them—a myriad of trials, joys, and disappointments that taught them
what life was all about. The golden years are a time to celebrate that knowledge and to finally live life
the way you’ve learned is best.

That’s something you haven’t been able to do for up to 65 years now. The following are eight great tips
to take full advantage of some of the best years to come.

Family Time

Spend as much time with the family as possible. When your life is wrapped up in the day-to-day business
of work, school, or chores, it’s hard to spend quality time with your family.

Now that you have some free time, spend your days with the children, grandchildren, brothers, and
sisters. Sit down and enjoy an afternoon with those that matter most to you.

If they don’t live nearby, find ways to visit them. The TV or knitting yarn will never be as meaningful as
the people you love the most.

Fill your golden years with meaning by spending them with people. That way you’ll have no lingering

Live Within Your Means

Count up all of your assets into one total “expected” income for the rest of your lives together. This
includes the retirement funds, savings accounts, stocks, etc. that will provide you with an income.
Estimate how long you will need those funds to last you and budget out your money accordingly to last.

Create a budget that will get you through and stick to it. Money still remains one of the top reasons for
conflict in marriage today.
Just because you retire doesn’t mean that worry goes away. If you both create a budget you agree on
and stick to it as much as possible, then you reduce the amount of conflict in your relationship.

The less conflict you have together, the happier you’ll be in a relationship. Don’t include things like
Lawrenceville life insurance into this budget as that doesn’t fit into your long-life together plan.

Life Insurance

Ensure your Lawrenceville life insurance is well in hand before you
retire. You want to ensure that those dependent on you will be
taken care of monetarily-wise should something happen to you.

Check on your Lawrenceville life insurance to make sure it’s set up
right. If it’s not, be sure to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Happiness in the golden years is determined by the choices you make. Choose to do things that are
meaningful to you.

Choose to stick to a usable budget and choose to ensure your family’s future financial security. If you do,
then you’ll be ready to enjoy some of the best years of your life.

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