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									Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College partners with Intel and HP to take giant strides to unwire classrooms and libraries for students
SRI BHAGAWAN MAHAVEER JAIN COLLEGE Affiliated to the Bangalore University, Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College (SBMJC) is the youngest college in Karnataka to be accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), UGC (University Grants Commission) for imparting quality education. Since its inception in 1990, the college has been committed to the two-fold achievement of Quality and Excellence. It presents a wide range of parallel courses at every level, providing students with the opportunity to expand their horizons of knowledge beyond the syllabus. The college offers Science, Commerce, Business Management and Computer Applications at undergraduate levels. The Centre for Management Studies (CMS) at SBMJC offers Bachelor in Business Management (BBM), a reputed 3-year programme. This programme affiliated to MATS University, is designed to equip students with complete knowledge of management studies. SITUATION CMS has pioneered a new concept in business education (being implemented for the first time in India) called „Business Education Integrated Model‟. This model unites the best of a classroom experience with actual on-the-field exposure to the corporate world. Under the „Business Education Integrated Model‟, the college provides free office spaces along with the basic infrastructure to reputed corporate houses from different industry segments in the campus making mobile computing a necessity. In the past, the Centre used computers extensively. The usage, however, was restricted to the 50-60 desktops in the computer laboratory. Students were unable to do research, work on assignments and projects unless they were physically present in the lab. This proved to be a major deterrent. “So far the students had, between the [PLEASE INSERT NUMBER OF STUDENTS] of them, 50-60 assembled desktops,” says PLEASE INSERT NAME AND DESIGNATION OF SPOKESPERSON FROM

JAIN COLLEGE. “For a course which prepares the students for the corporate world of tomorrow, this seemed grossly inadequate. The management then decided to provide the students with a truly world-class experience, exposing them to the international “unwired” classroom concept.” SBMJC decided to equip their entire student body studying for BBM with laptops. Laptops that would make the students mobile, give them access to information round-the-clock and most important, embody the institute‟s commitment of creating some of the country‟s best managers. CHALLENGES The College had some very real and serious concerns that impacted their choice of their technology partner: 1. Weight of the machine 2. Battery life 3. After sales service Being an educational institution, the college wanted to go for laptops, which would have given a faster return on their investment. SOLUTION After a lot of deliberations and meetings with various vendors, SBMJC zeroed in on Hewlett Packard, a company fast gaining ground as a formidable name in mobile computing. “We knew that clients such as educational institutes want a local, trusted adviser who will sell them solutions and be there to support them going forward,” elaborates PLEASE INSERT NAME AND DESIGNATION OF HP REPRESENTATIVE. “We met them with a presentation, which focused on emerging market trends worldwide, various product demonstrations, detailed comparisons with the Pentium 4 and Celeron and most important, addressed the perfect fit between their needs and what we had to offer.” Post taking the set of client requirements into consideration, HP felt that HP Compaq Notebook nx5000 featuring the Intel(r) Centrino TM mobile technology perfectly met the needs of these cost-conscious mobile professionals who desired to maximize their productivity without compromising on mobility.

The deciding factor for the choice of vendor was clearly influenced by the fact that Intel Centrino mobile technology addressed all four vectors of mobility: Increased performance with the new Intel Pentium processor Longer battery life through better thermal management Integrated wireless in the chipset completely validated by Intel Smaller FCPGA packaging from Intel allowing for small form factor designs

Adding further value to the best solution, HP has partnered with Intel, which has successfully undertaken a commendable task of unwiring 175 educational institutes. The deal was closed for 160 HP Compaq Notebook nx5000 featuring the Intel(r) Centrino TM mobile technology with a 3-year warranty period. What obviously did help was the customer‟s conviction in HP‟s support system. HP is renowned for its quality of service, integrity, motivation, flexibility, commitment and expertise – and has a proven track record in long-term technology and solutions advice. When it comes to increasing business agility, reducing costs, expanding or optimising enterprise assets, and keeping IT up and running, HP Services are the experts. The team at HP worked out a comprehensive package. In addition to the product information provided on the net, HP also set up an instant support for students – a toll free number, email support, web support – available 24x7 – along with an active chat with an HP technician and trouble shooting and a complaints and escalation cell. All this over and above 29 service centers across the country. Product Specifications The HP Compaq Notebook nx5000 comes with world-class global services and solutions, to simplify and support all IT needs. All notebooks can be configured to specific needs. It weighs as little as 2.5kg (5.5lbs), is as thin as 1. 38- inch (35.2mm), and can be on the move up to 9 hours without having to recharge the battery. It also offers the freedom to work and play without a phone jack, network cable or plugging in a PC card. A perfect productivity unit for truly mobile professionals.

RESULTS “There is an increase of 20 per cent in the productivity of our students. They now have more time to think things through, strategise and be creative. Amongst other things, paper work has

reduced – that translates not only into saving natural resources but time as well. We have just introduced laptops for the very first time and the results are there for everybody to see,” says a satisfied PLEASE INSERT LAST NAME OF SPOKESPERSON FROM JAIN COLLEGE. “In fact the true win is for us. Cementing all of this together is the HP support system. “The education market is huge, and exploding exponentially. The total available market is 80,000 and we are very, very serious about being market leaders in this segment,” PLEASE INSERT NAME AND DESIGNATION OF HP REPRESENTATIVE FUTURE The management at SBMJC is upbeat about results from the computerization drive. They feel that it is a good way of saving natural resources and students time. SBMJC through this initiative is preparing its students to achieve not only a good career but also an all-round development of personality to face the challenges of the competitive world.

CHALLENGES  Exposure international in classrooms  Provide computing mobile solutions to trends „unwired‟

SOLUTION  Provide of BBM  Intel Centrino mobile technology is light weight - weighing as little as 5.5lbs/2.5kg  HP notebooks with 6laptops/ notebooks to students

RESULTS  20 per cent increase in productivity students  Convenient around to carry of

which is not heavy  Battery life of laptops is very short


You can be on the move up to 9 hours without having to recharge your battery.

cell standard or 8- cell high capacity Lithium-Ion battery Dual with battery External 65W adapter Intel Centrino mobile provides technology longer battery life battery optional capability MultiBay


Reliable service




HP support


Round-the-clock, 24x7, country technician across the accessibility

and reliability of HP  Price!  HP nx5000 is as light on your pocket as you shoulders 

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