Zildjian Custom Projection Crash Cymbal Report 21518 by eragetor


									             Zildjian Custom Projection Crash Cymbal
This cymbal is great, everything I'd expected. I love the whole projection series, especially this
18" crash and my 20" ride. Looks outstanding too, sounds as bright and expressive as it
looks and it cuts through everything. Perfect for all types of rock/metal. I don't know about you jazz
types, might be too loud for you, but I say that horn section had it coming. Here's the cymbal to give
it to em'.

Killer cymbal. If you want a cymbal that holds up and actually sounds like a cymbal, this is it. Clear
and Loud. The only thing though, when i got mine it was very poorly packaged.

I bought this for my husband's drum kit and he loves it. It has a great sound and was the perfect
addition to his kit.


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