Zildjian Custom 14 Inch Cymbals Brilliant Report 21221

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					              Zildjian Custom 14 Inch Cymbals Brilliant
These Hi Hats are actually a little bit bright as far as A Customs go, but they are still really colorful
and have great "chick" sound to them and articulate really really well. Great Hats.

Because you never want to let it go! Steve Augustine of Thousand Foot Krutch uses these exact hi
hats because they give the best sound on earth. Hitting them in a store does not do them justice. I
now own my own pair and will never buy any other hi hat that I see because the rockness,
playability, cleanness, have it impossible to imagine my life without them. If have the choice
between these and and other pro grade hi hat go for these. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Estos hi hats son geniales, el sonido es perfecto, tienen un excelente acabado. Anteriormente
tenía unos sabian y definitivamente Zildjian tiene los mejores platos de todos. Les aconsejo
comprar todo el juego A custom, esta serie es la mejor de todas en especial para personas que
tocan Rock, Funk, Pop y Metal, para aquellos que tocan Jazz recomiendo los K custom.

I'm in love with this cymbal. I got one as soon I got my drum set. Very crisp hi hats and will last you
a long time BUY THIS!!!!!!

The product arrived a few days before I expected, actually two weeks before, they were in a very
good condition and have a great sound, they're really shiny and the price is totally worth it although
the shipping was a bit expensive. Buiyng things from Amazon is safe and I really recomend it.


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