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Zagg Invisibleshield Motorola Atrix Protector Report 11471


									          Zagg Invisibleshield Motorola Atrix Protector
This thing is rock solid, but the tacky feeling makes it almost impossible to swipe your fingers across
your screen. For me, this is a deal breaker. I'll stick to the cheaper screen protectors that have a
glass like finish on them. This one went in the trash after about five days of annoyed use.

The Zagg shield is terrible. The feel is sticky/tacky. Fingers do not slide easily on the surface and
when typing the fingertips stick to it. I don't recommend this product at all. Prior to the Zagg shield,
I used WrightRight shields purchased at Radio Shack. The shields are very smooth, like glass.
They do scratch though. Five for about $10-15, universal cut.

I took off one star because the "retail packaging" was a plain black box with a white label that said
"atrix" on it. not quite what they showed in the picture, and not what I was really expecting. Kinda
annoying as this was part of the 'new cell phone' gift pack I was putting together. The other star is
because I'm not really sure if this is a real invisibleSHIELD by ZAGG. I always put a ZAGG invisible
shield on my touch screen phones/ipods. This one just felt different. Thinner. It does the trick, but
it seems different than the one I bought in the store for a different phone.

Offers decent screen protection. Easy to install. Surface of screen protector scratches easily when
you use the plastic squeegie that comes with it. On this application the thin strip of plastic at the top
ALWAYS tears, so I simply cut it off to remove it.

I have purchased Zagg's Invisible Shield for my iPhone 4 (from AT&T store) and it was great so I
purchased it for my new Atrix and somehow the film I got has weird horizontal lines every 1/4". You
won't notice these horizontal lines until screen is turn on. Especially when there is light/white
background like browsing web. Anyways, I probably got a bad film? I took it off and toss it in
garbage and decided to go to local mall to Ghost Armor kiosk and have them install screen protector
that turned out perfect.


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