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					          Zagg Invisibleshield Blackberry Torch Screen
Below is my original 5 star review for this product: I've tried all sorts of screen protectors over the
years on my cell phones and PDAs. ALL of them have sucked. Except this one. Yes, is is a bit of a
pain to apply using the provided fluid that you have lightly apply to your phone screen, but it's not
nearly as hard as it sounds. All the ripples evened out after a day, the screen looks just as bright
and vibrant, and the touch functions work perfectly. Had I known the protector was this good I
would have purchased the maximum version which covers the entire body. ****** Update: It's
summer and it's warm. I put the phone in my pocket. After an hour I pull it out and find that the
screen protector is peeling off like melted butter. Later on I reapplied the screen protector using the
fluid provided. However, the corners of the protector had a tiny bit of curl to them, enough to make it
even easier for it to just peel right off. And that was that. It was ruined. The Zagg protector was
very clear and didn't inhibit the functionality of the touch screen. But it just didn't last given the price.
 In fact, I've used many cheaper protectors that lasted 3 to 4 times as long as this one did. The fly in
the ointment here is that the Zagg just can't handle humidity. Not going to buy again.

This screen protector was a bit more expensive than others I have purchased and I was a little
reluctant to spend a so much for a screen protector. Applying it can be little difficult, but once you
apply it properly, it offers great screen protection. I'll definitely order this brand again.

This is the second invisibleshield I have purchased (different phones) and they are fantastic.
Applying it is a little tricky, but if done right, your screen is protected against everything. Well worth
the cost.

There is nothing else to be said for this companies product besides they do great work on this. I
highly reccommend this to any one desiring a excellant shield for the blackberry Torch 9800 screen
protector. Just follow the directions as given and you won't go wrong.

bubbles and rolled edges very quickly! only lasted maybe a year before it was peeling off like crazy!
and the image quality is not as sharp with it on. the water application is not the way to go! use the
dry stick on and maybe youll have better results. the product is tough as nails though for anti


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