Transmedia Strategy Revealed for Film and TV Producers Aiming For New Device and Platform Profits by santhakumar33


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									   Transmedia Strategy Revealed for Film and
   TV Producers Aiming For New Device and
               Platform Profits
Manchester UK, October 24, 2013 - Transmedia consultancy company Bellyfeel Limited,
has published a new media industry report titled, “The Audience is Revolting”, and it is
freely available to download and read.

“The Audience is Revolting” evaluates recent media industry data, audience statistics,
R&D project results and live client work in the area of transmedia, interactive and
multiplatform storytelling. The report uncovers two essential strategies for modern media
producers (film, TV, web, etc.), who want to expand their audience and increase profits
by taking their business onto new devices and platforms.

The report also reveals; how the modern audience has changed, what potential revenue
media producers are missing out on, where the gap in the market is, how the downside of
modern audience behaviour can be used to best advantage and the essential core
strategies that can be put into action today based on existing business media models.

Bellyfeel's Managing Director Krishna Stott explains, “Traditional media business has
been devastated by disrupting technologies in the last few years. At this moment in time,
budgets are falling and the competition is ferocious. Unless you are at the very top of the
pile, you are likely to be struggling. Yet despite the changing face of media and
technology, the Audience is still the most precious commodity - these days if you don't
keep them engaged, you'll lose them. This report reveals the three most significant
changes in audience behaviour, how they impact on your media business, and what you
can do to take advantage of the new opportunities this information unlocks.”

The thought-provoking report can be downloaded at no cost from Bellyfeel's website;

Webby Award winning Bellyfeel is a leader in media consultancy, serving clients in the
UK and USA. Krishna describes their work, “We help TV and Film companies to
strategically future proof their business using new devices, platforms and technology.”

Richard Davis, Storyworld Editor
Bellyfeel Limited
110 Timber Wharf, Castlefield
Manchester, M15 4LD, UK
+44 (0)161 832 1472

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