15 Online Business Tips You Can't Ignore

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					                       15 Online Business tips You Can’t Ignore
                                                                                  by Matt Bacak

Several times I have started and stopped businesses online because I thought I can make it
without online business tips. I know many are like me, perhaps you are. Thousands of people
start online businesses on a daily basis, but very few succeed. We think that online business
is simpler than offline business and should be a walk in the park. Don’t be deceived!

The good news is, running a business on the internet is simpler than running it offline;
however it’s not as simple as it can be assumed. Since it is a business, it has challenges just
like any other business. The better part is that here are guidelines that have been applied in
other online businesses and will work for your business too.

   1. The first image in your business is your website. Keep it simple, well designed and
      well organized. Take a look at websites owned by companies you admire, notice how
      the design and the organization of the site. I admire

   2. The cheapest and sustainable way to find new visitors to you site is SEO. The more
      pages you get on the first page of the search engines, the more visitors you get.

   3. Each visitor to your site is a potential customer. If any of them contacts you, respond
      to them promptly.

   4. It is expensive getting a new client but it’s cheaper retaining one. Make it an effort to
      make your customers come back.

   5. Engage your visitors. Create content that will evoke response from your readers.
      Create social media accounts and keep them active.

   6. Set up and maintain a high quality mailing list. Ask your visitors to sign up for your
      newsletter and give them an incentive when they do.

   7. Look for successful online businessmen you admire who can mentor you in your

   8. Customer service is paramount. Give your customers a reason to come back. Repeat
      visitors will increase your business tremendously.

   9. Add complementary products to yours on the “thank you” page. It will increase the
      income you get from each client.

   10. Find stories from your clients to tell new prospects. It’s not always about your
       products, it’s about your clients and how their problems will be solved.

   11. Be yourself and do not lose it because you are on a virtual platform. You are still
       interacting with people, who need a human interaction.

   12. Do not oversell to your visitors. Many do not like a pushy salesperson in the offline
       market. They are no different online.
   13. Get high quality backlinks to your website. These are links pointing to your site from
       reputable websites in your niche.

   14. Feed your visitors with high quality information. This will help you build a reputation

   15. Feed your website with original content. You wouldn’t want to handle the
       consequences of plagiarism.

These can be summarized by:

“Let your originality – your specialness, your brand personality – come through in your online
content” Ann Handley &C.C Chapman – Author, Content Rules

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