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 Starts Wide Production of Dog Training Balls

Fordogtrainers company expands range of products by introducing the line of quality dog training balls for
Schutzhund, retrieve training, daily training and just for fun. Lifetime opportunity to purchase professionally
designed dog training items.

Online PR News – 24-October-2013 – All dog trainers or dog handlers need to train their dogs. This should
be done on a professional level and with the help of the respective training equipment. ForDogTrainers keeps
abreast and constantly monitors dog supplies market's demands. Nowadays, there is an obvious shortage of
high grade dog training tools that is not ruinously expensive. Practical solution was found by company that developed and introduced dog supplies of a unique combination where
attractive price, first rate quality and fashion-forward designs met together. Training a dog has never been
easier, so fun and really affordable!

Meet brand-new line of dog training balls designed by experts in the field taking into account all the
suggestions company's customers made. Everyone is welcome to learn more about models and designs of
the production line.

Training a dog has never been easier, so fun and really affordable!

A customer has a great choice - there are balls for puppies and adult dogs as well. Balls of small diameter
are meant for puppies, those with big diameter are designed for grown-up dogs. Company offers balls made
of rubber and synthetic materials. Items vary in design, diameter, color and intended use.

The latest novelty is Plush Dog Balls that will do perfectly for basic training of puppies and young dogs. The
design is perfect for developing skills of the kind as jumping, biting and prey drive chasing. These stuffed
balls will help prepare a dog for Schutzhund competition. Training toys are an excellent way to develop a
canine's courage and agility, as well as to prepare it for future bite training with the tug or sleeve (most of
these are designed of similar synthetic fabrics as well).

Another brand new model that has recently appeared on the market is waterfowl ball of various colors and
diameters! From now on training and communicating with a dog is more fun and much more efficient! A pet
and its owner can visit sea shore and enjoy the company of each other while training, running, jumping and
swimming! Note! Remember that a dog shouldn't be left unsupervised when playing in water, it is too

Rubber colorful funny shaped balls will be handy for daily training activities with a dog and just for fun during
daily walks in parks. A customer may choose whether s/he wants a hollow or a solid ball, whether s/he
prefers smooth surface or dotted one. All the presented balls are equipped with a long hardwearing nylon
string that is easy to grab. There are also balls with menthol smell that provide dental care. They prevent
tartar, plaque, bad breath and futhermore they massage a dog's gum. All this is offered for a really
competetive price.

Honestly, it is hard to find a better deal for such quality training tools. So, hurry up to become a lucky owner
of the finest training ball that will help your dog become smarter, stronger and and more dexterous.

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