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Local Water Treatment Company Launches New Website


									Local Water Treatment Company Launches New Website

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Complete Water System Specialists of New Lenox, IL has expanded their online efforts to better serve
community residents as well as local businesses and municipalities.

Online PR News – 24-October-2013 – Complete Water System Specialists, Inc. of New Lenox, IL announced
the launch of their new website. The company believes that this new online venture will provide easier access
to the company’s products and services to their customers located in Will County and throughout the
surrounding 14 counties. The new website can be accessed from any Internet connected device at The company’s new site includes information about the company and the water
treatment products that they offer. Products include: water softeners, water purification, reverse osmosis
units, water filtration, water treatment, ultraviolet systems, sulfur and iron removal, peroxide treatment, well
chlorination, and more. Complete Water System Specialists, Inc. also will offer delivery, installation, and
repair services through the new site.

“The goal of this new site is to let anyone who is suffering from low-quality water issues, or is looking for
affordable drinking water solutions to find us on the Internet. There are a lot of companies out there that offer
similar products, but they are never there when you need them, their products are inferior, and they are
overpriced. We want all of our potential customers to know that we have decades of experience working in
this area and know what it takes to treat water properly and affordably,” explains Jackie Rob, owner of
Complete Water System Specialists, Inc.

Complete Water System Specialists, Inc. is anticipating many new customers as a direct result of their new
website. Residential customers with water issues such as sulfur smell or high iron content will benefit from
the iron filters and peroxide systems that they offer. All water treatment products are designed and produced
in-house according to the exact specifications of each customer. Reverse Osmosis Systems are available for
homeowners and businesses that are looking for the purest and best tasting drinking water. The new site
offers visitors an attractive user interface and easy navigation that results in a good user experience.
Customers will have no trouble discovering the detailed information on the company’s products and services.
Once a customer has decided on the water treatment solution that works best for them, they can complete
the contact form or call the phone number located at the top of every page for more information and a free
on-site estimate.

Media Information
Cindy Olszewski
1200 S. Cedar Rd.
New lenox
United States


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