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					                                      IT Department Newsletter
                                         Image Now Boston                Update made to the
                                      Regional User’s Group              College’s Policy on the
                                      (BRUG) Meeting,                    use of IT Resources
                                      April 29, 2011                     On February 28, 2011, the
                       March 2011
                  Volume 3, Issue 7                                      Board of Trustees approved a
                                      The next BRUG meeting is
                                                                         change to the College’s Policy
                                      now posted and registration is
                                                                         on the Use of IT Resources.
                                      open on the Perceptive
                                                                         The policy changes related to
                                      Software (i.e., Image Now)
                                                                         the use of Social Media on
                                      Community Forum. This is a
                                                                         campus. The new item reads as
Inside this Issue                     change from the past
                                      registration. Please note that
     Image Now Boston Regional
                                      your Community Forum login is      “The use of all STCC Information 
1    User’s Group Meeting
     April 29,2011
                                      different from your Customer
                                      Portal login.
                                                                         Technology Resources, including 
                                                                         but not limited to Facebook, 
     Update made to the College’s
1    Policy on the use of
     IT Resources
                                      Meeting Details:
                                      Friday April 29, 2011
                                                                         YouTube, Twitter, blogs or other 
                                                                         forms of social media, shall be 
     Google – Think before you        10:00AM – 3:00PM                   limited to academic, educational, 
1    click                            University of Massachusetts
                                                                         or professional purposes, which 
                                                                         are directly related to official 
     Image Now Change                 333 South Street                   College business and in support of 
2    Management Process               Suite 400 (Berkshire Room)
                                      Shrewsbury, MA 01545
                                                                         the College's mission.  All such 
                                                                         uses shall comply with other 
     STCC SQL Server Project
2    featured as Datatel
     “On-Demand demo”
                                      Going forward, the Community
                                      Forum will be the primary
                                                                         sections of this Policy.  
                                                                         Information Technology resources 
                                                                         provided by the College are the 
     IT Staff presents at National    communication to the BRUG
2    Conference                       group instead of the currently-
                                      used email list.
                                                                         property of the College; users shall 
                                                                         have no expectation of privacy 
     NERDUG Conference,                                                  when using such resources.” 
2    July 27-29, 2011                 If you are not able to attend,
                                      please consider sending            Google – Think before
     Missing Gmail?
2    Check your spam label
                                      someone in your place. There
                                      is no limit to the number of
                                                                         you “click”
                                      people who can attend. Please      Unlike the legacy email system,
                                      register for the meeting if you    GroupWise, Google does not
                                      plan on attending by clicking      have “retraction” capabilities.
                                      the link below and navigating to   You are unable to retract a
                                      the Boston RUG meeting:            message after it is sent. Think
                                      http://community.perceptivesoft    twice; double-check what you
                                                      plan to send, especially any
IT Department 755-4016                                                   attachments that you may                                                        include on an email. Once you
Scibelli Hall Building 02, Room 101                                      are comfortable with what you
                                                                         are about to send, click the send

                        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
March 2011

                                    IT Staff presents at               Missing Gmail?
  Image Now Change
                                    National Conference                Check your spam label
Management Process
                                    Marion Cronin, Eileen Cusick,      “Spam” is the term given to
As STCC moves forward with          Ben Fellows, and Mike Korzec       unsolicited emails. Oftentimes,
the ECM initiative,                 presented at this year’s annual    the subject is of “questionable”
departments who are live with       Datatel User’s Group (DUG)         nature. Each Gmail account
the Image Now solution will         conference, in National Harbor,    has a spam label (i.e., folder).
find that some “tweaking” to        MD. Their presentation, “How       Google utilizes an algorithm to
the currently setup system          we Migrated to SQL Server”,        determine suspect spam
would benefit their department.     detailed the transition for STCC   emails, and places those emails
The IT Department                   as we changed both our             in the spam label, rather than
recommends that requests for        underlying database structure,     directly into an inbox.
changes to the current setups       and the reporting system. The
(additions/ changes) be             presentation was taped in front    If you are missing an expected
initiated by sending the request    of a live audience of over 200     email, it may have been moved
to the IT Help Desk                 attendees; we will share with      to your spam label. To check,
( Include        you the recorded link once the     click on the spam label (located
in the request, your                session is available online.       in the left-side list of your labels
department, and a general                                              on your Gmail page), and check
statement related to the
change requested. A member          NERDUG Conference,                 out the list of items tagged
                                                                       spam. If it is not spam, you can
of the IT Staff will then contact   July 27-29, 2011 in                click on the email in question,
you and schedule with you           Manchester, NH                     and click on the “not spam”
your change requests.                                                  button. This will tell the Gmail
                                  This year’s Northeast Regional       system that emails to you from
STCC SQL Server                   Datatel User’s Conference            this sender are not considered
                                  (NERDUG), hosted by
Project featured as                                                    “spam”.
                                  Southern New Hampshire
Datatel “On-demand                University, will be held in          For more information on
demo”                             Manchester, NH, from July 27-        handling spam, please check
                                  29, 2011. This is a great            out Google’s help center link,
Datatel interviewed Eileen        opportunity for Datatel/             below
Cusick in December, 2010, on      WebAdvisor users to touch  
the topic of STCC’s recent        base with other campus               bin/
migration of Datatel to SQL       constituents to discuss Datatel-
Server as the underlying          related issues. Currently,           Other useful links include:
database. This interview is now NERDUG’s web site is open for
available on-line to Datatel      call for papers. To share with       /
clients. You can listen to and    colleagues a success you have
view the discussion at                                       
                                  related to Datatel, or if you wish to hear a presentation on a          /
cfm You must login to Datatel’s particular topic, presented by         ctx=share
web site in order to access the someone else, please submit  
demo. If you do not have a        your idea online at                  /
Datatel website login, you can .
request one from Datatel at        If you do not have a login, just apply online at that site, using
login.cfm?callerURL=/index.cfm your STCC Gmail address.

  2              . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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