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									NO ANGELS

TX March 2005

Following four young nurses facing life, death and lunacy on the wards of St Margaret’s, this witty and truthful drama returns after a successful, critically acclaimed first series. Created by World Productions, makers of The Cops, This Life, Cardiac Arrest and BAFTA winner Buried, No Angels is an honest look at the friendship of four young women who juggle a messy job in the modern NHS with equally messy and unpredictable off-duty lives. Is a vomit-covered apron really an effective man-magnet? Is un-nailing a psychiatric patient from a homemade cross the best way to celebrate Easter? Will pocketing diazepam keep an ‘insomniac’ ex-boyfriend at bay? And why is it that while the hospital’s at war on MRSA, Kate is busy doing Dr McManus’s laundry? This series of eight brand new episodes, sunny Anji (Sunetra Sarker) breaks her own rules by falling for junior doctor Callum (James Frost) - or ‘Little Lord Fauntleroy’ as Beth (Jo Joyner) dubs him. Beth herself is trying to keep her past at bay while investing in her future - a posh ecowarrior with an elderly, sick mother who may well promise an imminent inheritance… Kate (Kaye Wragg) meanwhile is trying her best not to fall out with Clare (Lisa Millett), the world’s most annoying Ward Sister. But she soon learns that the situation demands all-out war… Which only leaves Lia (Louise Delamere) who, after finding herself in an unholy – and unlikely – alliance with Senior House Doctor Jamie (Derek Riddell) and his ego-fuelled race to become a registrar, is questioning whether a life in the ‘caring profession’ is what she really ever wanted.

No Angels, devised by Toby Whithouse, is written by a team of writers including Ben Richards, Kate Gartside, Jack Lothian, Sarah Phelps, Ash Ditta and Ed Roe. The director is David Jackson and producer is Steve Lightfoot. Executive Producer is Simon Heath (Men Only, Attachments, Love Again) and Series Producer is Helen Gregory (EastEnders, Grafters, In Defence). World Productions press contact: Christina Joyce, Premier PR, 020 7292 8352 christina@premierpr.com picture publicist: Chris Worwood, 020 7306 8481, cworwood@channel4.co.uk The DVD of series one will be released on 21 March – a new triple-disc DVD featuring all ten episodes from the first series plus a host of extras including a 'making of' documentary, tour of the set, 'a typical day' and out-takes.

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