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					                                         DENTAL CAVITIES
        Holes are formed in the teeth by tooth decay which are known as dental cavities. These
cavities or holes are also known as caries. Various types of treatments can be used to recover the
function and proper form of damaged teeth but it depends on the condition of damage.
Factors responsible for dental cavities:
        There are two basic factors which are responsible for dental cavities. These include
bacteria and diet which is rich in sugar and starch. About 500 different types of bacteria are
present in our mouth. Plaque is formed when these bacteria interacts with food we eat and saliva
and form a sticky substance. The amount of starch increases the stickiness of plaque and for the
time being it stays on the teeth it becomes harder and slowly it is converted into tartar or
calculus. The bacteria present in the plaque convert sugar into acid that dissolves the tooth
structure and result in the formation of holes. Due to these two main contributing factors dental
cavities are also known as dieto bacterial disease. Those teeth in which plaque can easily
accumulate are most vulnerable to tooth decay. Mostly plaque remain in the pits and in the areas
between the teeth.

The teeth where plaque remains bacteria and acids are present there and it results in the
destruction of tooth surface. First of all cavities appear in the outer layer of tooth which is
known as enamel and with time it gets deeper and penetrates in the soft inner layer of tooth.
After sometimes symptoms of cavities appear.
Risk Factors:
Saliva helps in prevention of plaque and wash away digest food particles. Dry teeth leaves the
teeth more vulnerable to tooth decay. Genetic factors that affect the tooth decay are tooth size,
shape and position.
Symptoms of cavities:
When a cavity advances deep into tooth it results in increased sensitivity of food. All cavities do not
cause toothache to make Dental care. If cavities are present on the front teeth they are easily detected
by a person otherwise if they are small they are detected by dentist. Cavities formed between the teeth
are detected by X-rays only. Other tools include ultrasound, fiber-optics are used to detect cavities.
                                 TOOTH WHITENING
Tooth whitening decrease with time when enamel become more porous because basic structure
of the teeth change. Tooth whitening also decreased by smoking, red wine, coffee and by
decreasing fluoride in water. If you want to improve your teeth whitening, you can use many
methods for this such as whitening toothpaste, Teeth whitening gels, trays, whitening pens. If
you do not want to use any of these methods then you should consult your problem at dentist’s
Whitening Toothpastes:
       All toothpastes contain slight abrasives that help in removing the surface stains.
However, some whitening toothpastes have some chemical agents like hydrogen per oxide or
carbamide peroxide. These chemical agents remove the stain more effectively. To use whitening
toothpastes, you should look for ADA seal of approval.

ADA is American Dental Association. And American Dental Association approved toothpastes
contain chemical agents that remove the stain by binding on them. You should also look blue
covarine ingredient on the label of whitening toothpaste. This ingredient produce an optical
illusion on your teeth.

Whitening Trays:
        Whitening trays are also used for whitening purposes. These trays contain gel whitening
solution that consist of hydrogen peroxide. If you want to use whitening trays, choose a
whitening tray kit and make sure it is free of moisture. Squeeze small drops of hydrogen
peroxide gel into the trays. If you squeeze excess gel into tray then gel may come into your
mouth and irritate your stomach.
After squeezing gel into trays, insert the tray carefully onto tour teeth. Keep these trays onto your
teeth for that time which is according to gel composition. After that time remove the trays, clean
trays with running water, and brush your teeth with appropriate toothpaste.

Whitening Pens:
               Whitening pens are now using for whitening teeth Dental. You can buy it for 20$ to 30$.
After buying, open the cap of this whitening pen and make a anticlockwise twist on pen to remove the
extra gel. Take a mirror in front of you and then paint your teeth with the whitening pen thoroughly.
After this, keep mouth open and allow the gel to cure for at least 30 minutes. Avoid drinking and eating
for that time. You should repeat this process 2 to 3 times per day.


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