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									Top 5 Reasons Consumers
Don’t Want to Talk to
Customer Service
                                                           What’s more, 34%
They want to do                                            of customers are
things themselves.                                         still on the site when
                                                           they call you.
57.7% of customers who
call your company for help
report having first gone to
the website to try to solve
their problem.

           They have to call more
           than once.
           62% of customers had to contact
           the company multiple times to
           resolve their issue.

           They hate being transferred.
           59% of customers reported being
           transferred at least once.

           They’re tired of repeating
           56% of customers reported
           having to re-explain their issue at
           least once over the course of the
           service interaction.

           And, most important—
           it just feels like a big hassle.
           59% of customers reported
           moderate to high perceived
           additional effort to resolve their issue.

           The Effortless Experience identifies the top five
           reasons why consumers don’t want to talk to
           customer service reps. The book shows how
           customer service interactions are actually four
           times more likely to lead to disloyalty than loyalty.
           Today, the “golden ticket” in customer loyalty is
           reducing customer effort. Hint: Just make it easy.

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