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“Explore the nature of
    sports marketing”
“We Do” Activity
 Sports marketing is an enormous industry.
 It’s easy to identify many sports, but the
  marketing part is more complicated.
 One way to better understand it is to relate
  sports marketing to what you already know
  about marketing in general.
 The 4 P’s of marketing—product, price,
  place, promotion—apply to sports goods
  and services.
“We Do” Activity
 Product
 ◦ Details on the specific product. What is it?
 Price
 ◦ Determine how much the product costs.
 Place
 ◦ Now, find out how to obtain the product. Do you visit a
   stadium or a retail store, or do you go online or call a
   toll-free number?
 Promotion
 ◦ Think of how you learned about the product. Was it by
   watching a TV commercial, reading a print ad, receiving
   a coupon in the mail, or some other promotional
   technique? Find out who the primary product users are.
“We Do”
          LeBron X Sneakers Video
“We Do”
          Product: Lebron X



“We Do”
          Olympics Video
“We Do”
          Product: Ticket to Track
           Finals August 11, 2012

          Price: $1146.50 per ticket


“We Do”

Once you’ve put together all these pieces, you
 have the overall picture of sports marketing.
“You Do”
      With your partner, read the article
 “Olympic Athletes and Brands: The Good, The
            Bad, and the Confusing”
     and answer the following questions:
  Article Questions
 1. Why is Usian Bolt an ideal candidate for product endorsement?
 2. Tell me 3 names that might be the most marketable names for
  sponsorship and promotional deals from the Summer 2012 Olympics?
 3. Why would amateur athletes what to endorse products?
 5. So why is Wheaties listed under “The Good” section?
 6. What is Wheaties slogan?
 7. Who is Mary Lou Retton?
 8. What event did Bruce Jenner participate in”
 9. Who is Carl Lewis?
 10 Why is Puma listed under “The Good” section?
 11. Who sponsors the entire Jamaican track team?
 12. Puma’s sponsorship of Bolt has helped position the brand how?
 13. Why is Subway and Michael Phelps listed with “The Bad”?
 14. What does it mean Phelps has overexposure?
 15. Why is the message and execution wrong of Phelps and Subway?
 16. What does over-saturation mean?
 17. List for me 10 athletes and the brands they represent.

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