Experience the Vivacity of Dubai with the Desert Safari

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					perience the Vivacity of Dubai with the Desert Safa
How do you define Dubai? A unique geographical entity amalgamated with sand dunes,
soaring skyscrapers and an impeccable natural beauty! If you are a diehard traveller, Dubai is
one of those few places in the world that can quench your wandering soul. And an evening in
Dubai the most splendid ever!

Owing to its flawless scenic beauty, wide biodiversity and favourable geographical location,
Dubai has emerged one of the major tourist destinations in the world. It has become one of
the most sought after, vacation destinations recently. and taking the growing interest among
the travellers and visitors into consideration the government authorities are also making all
efforts for improvising their tourism.
Are you new to Dubai? Is this your first Dubai trip? Here’s what you should visit first

The city of Dubai is the hotspot for all tourists. The luxurious city of the Dubai attracts a huge
number of populations. Apart from visiting the city there are several other things to do at
this place.

You can go for bird watching, sand skiing, Dhow cruise and excursions. And if you wish to
witness the wildness of Dubai nightlife, you can definitely have your wish fulfilled. Dubai
tourism offers elite nightlife for the tourists with excellent services of dining and wining.
You will definitely miss the real Dubai, without going for an evening desert safari!

An evening desert safari speaks all about Dubai. This is in fact one of the major tourist
attractions in Dubai. Evening desert safaris are full of fun and thrill. The spine chilling
excitement of driving on the sand dunes on a roller coaster is incomparable to anything else
in this world.

 After a day full of rides on the sandy dunes, you will get into an Arabian celebration in the
evening camp. There are many facilities in the camp, starting from bumpy camel rides,
photo shoot till a nice BBQ dinner. You can also go for sliding and skiing off the sand dunes.
Being in the evening desert safari of Dubai, you will in the best of your health. For making
the entire tour healthy, authorities supply hot/ cold drinks, mineral water and not to forget
the special Arabian tea. There's a precaution too; those suffering from heart ailments or
those who recently had a heart surgery and pregnant women are forbidden from these
safaris. Else rest other, even the toddlers can enjoy the fun of being in Dubai.

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