Various categories of waterless urinals

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					            Various categories of waterless urinals

The waterless urinals work like a traditional urinal but with the quality of using no water in it. This will
indeed sound strange but it is a fact and we see these kinds of urinals are becoming a trend these days.

These days people prefer those things that are environment friendly have uses less of natural
resources. And to participate in the campaign the waterless urinals have been a great thing
which is indeed a great option through one can save billions of gallons of water every day.
These Urinals are cutting downs the mass water usage and definitely it is a method through
which you can save lots of water. While building the commercial apartments people should
take care that they install these kinds of urinals which is definitely a good thing and
environment friendly, but they should assure that they use it in the correct way. These kinds
of toilets or urinals are made up with a specific sealant which comes in liquid form and this
liquid sealant is made up with vegetable based oil. Due to the reason that the sealant has a
lighter thickness than urine, the urine will go under through the sealant, while the sealant is
remained to float on top of the urine. After the entire process the discharge line is closed and
sewage stink is clogged.

Kinds of waterless Urinals

There are three kinds of waterless urinals are there and they can be categorized under good,
better and best and in case of good one which is actually and standard or conventional urinal
converted into a waterless urinal. There are small and dissolvable blocks are kept in the
standard urinals and these blocks works like a natural bacterium that create a thin film over
the urinal pot, the pipes and the trap. If you are using one block then it will last until 1000
uses and these kinds of urinals can be an alternative of Waterless Urinals. But the blocks
must be changed frequently and it can also save lots of water until and unless any people
accidentally press the flush button. But there I a better one from this as there are trap
waterless urinals are there where you have to use a special trap drain which is filled up with
liquid sealant and the trap drain can be used till 1500 uses. But when we talk about the best
waterless urinals then we can say that the cartridge urinals are the best which uses a
disposable cartridge and this cartridge is filled with water and topped with the liquid sealant
and it also works with sediment and the urine is directed driven to the drain. The cartridge
waterless urinals can be used up to 7000 uses and considered the best ones.

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