Blue Cross Mississippi press release by JacksonJambalaya


									      October 21, 2013                                     Contact: Meredith Virden 601-664-4783
      For Immediate Release

                      Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi is Moving Forward

      Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi is moving forward with recognizing four HMA
      hospitals as Network Hospitals even though HMA, to date, has refused to accept Blue Cross’
      reinstatement offer to these hospitals.

      On Friday, October 18, 2013, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi reaffirmed to the
      following HMA hospitals its offer to reinstate the hospitals as Network Providers:

             - Gilmore Memorial Regional Medical Center in Amory
             - Northwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center in Clarksdale
             - Tri-Lakes Medical Center in Batesville
             - Woman’s Hospital in Flowood

      “Blue Cross clarified with each hospital that the reinstatement offer was based on their exact
      prior Agreement with no additional requirements; and that the offer was not contingent on HMA
      dismissing its baseless lawsuit. HMA has not responded,” said Meredith Virden, Manager
      Corporate Communications.

      “Since HMA has not responded to our offer to reinstate these four hospitals as Network
      Providers, we will once again take the leadership role and recognize these hospitals as Network
      Providers beginning today and provide network-level benefits for our members.”

      This decision was made after discussions with the Mississippi Insurance Commissioner who
      encouraged Blue Cross to move forward even though HMA was not being responsive.

      While HMA continues to wage its public and political attack against Blue Cross to distract from
      its own issues, including its excessive charges, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi will
      continue to focus on our members’ health and managing their health care costs. No matter what
      is being said, excessive hospital charges impact the cost of healthcare for everyone.

      We are a Mississippi company dedicated to the health of Mississippians. In this time of
      healthcare reform, we must remain focused on affordable healthcare for all Mississippians.



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